Oh, Robert Llewellyn. You are a one man gun-jumping machine. Of course, we’re all of us – production and fans alike – 99% sure that an eleventh series will happen. Doug wants to do it, the cast wants to do it and UKTV want to do it – Doug said as much at Dimension Jump back in May. But it’s at this point that we feel the need to clarify that nothing has been made official yet. And as usual, it’s a leaky cast member that’s made us clarify this.

As usual, Robert has posted something on his Dwarf blog that has got everyone excited. In this case, it was this:

We are officially making another series but we don’t know when. UKTV, the company behind Dave, who broadcast Red Dwarf X, want another series and we’d love to make one.

It will be sometime in 2014, but I can’t be any more accurate that because we simply don’t know yet.

As far as the main cast are concerned, Chris, Danny, Craig and myself are all very committed to making another series, Doug Naylor is working on it like a man posessed but beyond that it’s in the lap of the GELFS.

As usual, a host of reputable sites – including Den of Geek and the British Comedy Guide – picked up on the story, and have reported it as official confirmation that a series has been commissioned.

As usual, the blog post has now been hastily deleted.

As usual, Doug has tweeted to clarify the actual truth.

Getting tweets claiming Red Dwarf XI is commissioned. Not true. Not yet.

As usual, this doesn’t seem to have helped. Sigh. Like I say, we’re all absolutely certain that a new series will be commissioned, and that an official announcement is imminent. When this happens, we will shout it from the rooftops… but this isn’t it. Unfortunately.

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  • Copy and Paste from the other thread:

    *Lol* I think Annie’s pretty much summed it up. I was there and heard what Doug said. I don’t blame Robert for basically repeating that for the benefit of those who weren’t there.

    I understand that Doug’s presumably contractually bound to deny this until the official announcement, but you can’t blame fans for getting excited.

  • Well, yes. But as Annie said on the forum, it’s become a bit of a game now. Bobby knows that if he chucks ‘official’ in there, it’ll be picked up on, putting more pressure on Dave to announce that a new series has been commissioned. I’m sure Bobby gets asked a lot about a new series, as people seem to be unable to use search engines, but if that were the sole reason for his blog post, I suspect he would have just used Doug’s line that Dave are keen, but there’s not been a formal commission yet.

  • Shooting next year for a Spring/Easter 2015 broadcast would be nice.

    I don’t think you can get an official greenlight on a series unless certain minor, inconsequential elements such as budget, schedule, studio and cast availability are in place. I don’t envy Doug and the GNP team over the task of getting all that sorted…

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