More rumblings about the Naylors’ non-Dwarfy project, which is a relief considering we spent an hour watching The Alan Titchmarsh Show the other day in anticipation of a non-existent announcement. Naylor Minor today unveiled Three Feet Productions, a new production company founded by the father and son team, and presumably named after the total number of non-prosthetic lower leg appendages owned by the pair of them.

In their two tweets thus far, they unveil a couple of interesting nuggets. They’re having a read-through on Monday with the four main leads, who will be named in due course – from what we’ve learned thus far, they’ll be two chaps with the initials HD and NM, Adam Hills and one other. By the way, in case you missed it, we’re assuming Adam Hills is involved, as he was one of the guests on the edition of Titchmarsh that Doug implored us to watch, and we reckon he’s slightly more likely a candidate than Frank Lampard. In fact, given the name of the production company, is it too much of a stretch to wonder if there might be a disability/amputee theme, if Hills is involved?

One thing we do know about the plot is that it’s not set in a biscuit factory. So be a bit more careful to identify the difference between facts and jokes next time you visit us, io9. Richard has also confirmed that it’ll be a single camera sit-com, with no audience, and that filming starts in a couple of weeks. Most interestingly, though, is the news that the series is being co-produced with Baby Cow. They’ve got a fantastic pedigree, and it’s going to be very interesting to see how much, if at all, the comedy minds of Coogan/Normal and Naylor/Naylor will intertwine.

So, as is customary, we’d best do some vague speculation about what this means for Red Dwarf and Grant Naylor Productions. You’d have to go all the way back to I, Camcorder and The 10%ers to find a GNP product that wasn’t Red Dwarf, so it makes sense for Doug to keep his properties separate – there’s nothing stopping him from running two different companies, one for Dwarf, one for everything else. But with Dougie and Dickie getting chummy with Baby Cow, might we see Steve Coogan playing Frank Rimmer in Series XI? I hope so.

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