Yes folks, Doug Naylor’s first brand new TV project since The 10%ers debuts tonight on BBC One.  It’s a Naylor-penned-and-directed pilot – part of the revamped Comedy Playhouse strand – and stars Huge Dennis as sacked weatherman Bill Onions, Tony from Men Behaving Badly as his mate, Tracy-Ann Cyberman as Huge Dennis’s wife, and Helen George as Tony from Men Behaving Badly‘s wife. It also features Geordie Jesus himself James Baxter of Red Dwarf X fame, the photography is directed by Ed Moore of Red Dwarf X fame, it’s produced by Richard Naylor of Red Dwarf X fame, and is co-produced by Baby Cow Productions of Red Dwarf XI fame.

So: watch it. You can use this post for your instant reactions – we’ll have a review along by the end of the week, most probably.

8 comments on “Over to Bill: Tonight, 10:35pm, BBC One

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  • Okay if not exceptional. You can definitely tell it’s written by Doug. There are a lot of similarities to the way lines/jokes are structured and set up are in Red Dwarf, especially series 10. Bill Onion is definitely a bit Rimmer-ish. I wouldn’t mind a full series but obviously I’d rather see another series of Red Dwarf as well.

  • Excellent Casting! Would play well in USA,PBS
    Another Bone Marrow joke made me think of Norman and the dog milk!

  • You should record an OverCast.

    Thought it was fine. Weather report didn’t look legit, liked the petrol station and “Nuh”, wondered if Hugh Dennis could play John Rimmer and tried to figure out whether calling Mr. Krabs and Plankton (eye eye are see) by their forenames smelled like a Wikipedia search or that Onion was well-versed enough with the show to know them.

  • Just watched on catch-up.

    The objects of the comedy premise: Roof down. pasty, breast milk, present on car roof, the present switch all were telegraphed but somehow worked.
    No laughter with comedy always makes me feel uneasy, but it’s not really a sitcom setting as such. So again it worked.

    Blown away by the cast, some big favours cashed in it seems. The David Lean Building restaurant put to some good use again as were all the locations. Doug’s house?

    It flowed beautifully, the story telling and character development were instant, nothing forced. Although Morrissey sounded as though he’s smoking 60 a day!

    Wholesome comedy foks!

  • I didn’t really love it. I thought it was crap. It was a joke. Like in Over To Bill.

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