DwarfCast 54 – Future Echoes Commentary

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Yes, the least reliable Red Dwarf podcast in the universe is BACK. Brilliant. We return once more to the realm of episode commentaries by going almost back to the beginning for Future Echoes. Does it justify its reputation as an all time classic? Is there a pre-determination paradox at play? What’s the deal with the light above Lister’s bunk? Join us as we fail to answer these questions and more, with G&T regulars Ian Symes and Danny Stephenson joined by very ordinary guests Jezzmund Tutu, Rich Lawden and Tom Pyott.

DwarfCast 54 – Future Echoes Commentary (45MB)

We recorded this one back in January. We’re so good at editing and uploading things. There are several more in the can, so look out for a steady trickle over the coming months. Unless we forget about them again.

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  1. Very enjoyable listen, lads. I remember that pea advert and knew exactly what you were on about, but had absolutely no idea the voiceover was Craig until I looked for it just now! Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhzfaWC129E

  2. Like a lot of fans I read the novel before I saw the show. I’d love to erase my memory and watch this fresh -even as I was watching it for the first time I knew what was going to happen. Great screen grab as always.

  3. My first experience of Future Echoes was the Smegazine’s comic strip adaptation, which I loved. :)

  4. Really glad to listen to a new Dwarfcast, and really glad it was for this ep! Very enjoyable listen, guys.

    I didn’t even realize that John Lenahan’s voice for the Toaster was unprocessed for just this ep. I may have noticed a little difference before, but I guess it’s one of those things you notice straight away after being pointed out to you.

  5. Remember the good old days? On the farm?

    OK, the phrase itself was instantly familiar – but it took a few minutes of brain-racking before I remembered where it was from!

  6. Wizadora, we adore her, doing things in her

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