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It seems almost every DwarfCast we put out at the moment comes with us apologising for the delays at the beginning. This particular recording comes from only a few months ago, though, so we’re getting closer to a sensible schedule. As Ian noted in the last DwarfCast post, this represents the first series we’ve completed in the seven years we’ve been doing these stupid commentaries (save for Back to Earth, but shush) so it’s a little bit of a milestone. Consequently, we took the opportunity to have a bit of a post-commentary chat on series 1 in general to wrap things up and generally get back into the swing of this ‘talking about Red Dwarf’ lark.

Joining your friendly neighbourhood G&T hosts Ian Symes, John Hoare, Tanya Jones and Jonathan Capps are the Fan Club’s Alex Newsome and Joey Cannon along with long time friend of the website Karl Eisenhauer and Sonic The Hedgehog historian Julian Hazeldine.

DwarfCast 56 – Confidence & Paranoia Commentary (63.9MB)

Next time on DwarfCasts: commentary on an episode about my favourite programming principle.

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  • Classic G & T line up. As always I will be listening in the shed with a glass of wine chortling along.

  • Awesome! I agree with MANI506, classic G & T line up indeed, and I’m glad that John, Jonathan and Tanya are back. Looking forward to listening to this when I get back home tonight.

  • Best bit. “He’s trying to pull rank on a symptom” :-) I think I want that on a T-shirt slogan. Nice one Tanya.

    Is Seb’s existence now so mocked that just not listing him as present on the podcast in the above article is the new snub?

    Xanadu doesn’t start with a Z.

  • I like the three tiers of Series I idea. I think everyone sane would put Me2 and Future Echoes as the top 2, I’d have Confidence and Paranoia and Waiting for God as the middle two, and then The End and Balance of Power as the lower two. Of course they’re all good so it doesn’t really matter.

    One thing that irks me in Confidence and Paranoia is when Cat takes Lister’s bedding because I don’t think he would sleep in Lister’s bedding normally much less when he is ill. Although maybe Series I Cat would be less fussy about that sort of thing than later series Cat.

    I definitely prefer the Series I drive room to the Series II drive room/science room.

  • The music when Lister and Confidence are outside is definitely my favourite RD music. I listened to it loads of times when I got the series 1 DVD. Great ‘Cast guys. I hope you’ll have discussions like that as and when you finish the commentaries for each series. “At least you see a woman die!” Brilliant.

  • I’ve taken to listening to some old Dwarfcasts as I do odd jobs around the house, and I found this one really interesting for a lot of reasons.

    Not only because it’s a solid commentary on a good episode, but also for the way it gets into an overview of the series so far from an interesting historical perspective (post-X but pre-XI/XII) and also anticipates some of the stuff that would come later, including a pair of consecutive series that feel even more similar than I/II, III/IV and IV/V.

    In particular, I couldn’t help but wonder whether that stretch of conversation that deals with some of the under-addressed loose ends of Red Dwarf – Lister’s loneliness and later regression, Rimmer’s psychological perspective on his physical status, and the fate of the cat people – might have found its way into Doug’s playlist before he wrote TPL…

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