DwarfCast 58 – Terrorform Commentary

Fans of how Robert Llewellyn pronounces “terror” rejoice as our critical DwarfCasting eyes have finally fallen on the mildly underrated series V episode Terrorform. Join television’s Ian Symes, Sweden’s Danny Stephenson and disappointment’s Jonathan Capps as they discuss Kryten’s metaphor hunt, Chris Barrie’s slippery pliance, uneven leg joints and, as a special ‘treat’, the remaining deleted scenes from the Series V DVD.

DwarfCast 58 – Terrorform Commentary (104MB)

Join us next time on DwarfCasts for Ian and Danny’s continued voyage through the shit bits.

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  1. Cat’s line ‘did someone suggest he pick up the tab for lunch?!’ is one of the all time great gags. Put Robbie Rocket pants in the mix along with ‘I owe you twenty’ and this is one of the Cat’s finest half hours. It’s true I really do care about you and I hope the next Dwarf Cast is a big Back In The Red ‘special’.

  2. G&T Admin

    Thanks Jon, it would’ve been good of me to link to that in the main article, really.

  3. G&T Admin

    “disappointment’s Jonathan Capps”
    I will be using this at every opportunity in the future.

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