Reports are emerging that Craig Charles has landed in Australia, in order to appear on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!. Tweets report that he’s been spotted at Brisbane Airport, and the Mirror have quotes from Craig himself.


This could be quite good – I’m a Celeb is a decent reality format, if you’re in to that kind of thing. But, speaking as someone who knows a little bit about reality TV contestants, I can’t help but thinking this is a bit of a risk for Craig. He’s always had a rather special relationship with the tabloids, and he’s going to have to be very guarded if he’s going to avoid getting negative headlines once again. I’ll be watching, although I’m not sure whether I’m going to enjoy it.

One thing’s for sure, though – it would be a bit annoying if this little sojourn to the southern hemisphere has scuppered any plans for the next series of that sit-com Craig’s in…

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  • I wonder if it might be the other way round? Maybe he had a space in his schedule as Series XI hit another snag and thought he might as well do this?

    Anyway, I hope he does well.

  • Saw this news splutter into life last night, and my first thought was “oh dear God”.

    Still, it’ll be nuce to hear confirmed filming dates for Red Dwarf XI.

  • I’m excited he’s doing this, but I’ve got a bit of apprehension too, over what conversations get shown and whether they lead to bad headlines, again. I’ll be compelled to watch every episode to check Craig’s survived the night lol, and to know when to vote. I’ve never watch reality TV before, but I’m relieved it’s the jungle rather than Big Brother.

  • Yeah, Not big brother, only losers would be associated in anyway with that show!!
    (Tongue in cheek, and knowing wink facial expression mode)

  • Red Dwarf XI: episode one. Back to Reality TV

    The crew attempt to return to earth constructing a dimension cutter they once thought of when hallucinating, they discover a dimension where they all became famous for inventing the tension sheet but are unable to enjoy the benefits of this new life when jealous characters dimension hopping from byker grove appear and force them to appear on “I’m a freak, put me in a jungle and point and laugh at me it’s Saturday night” a reality TV show. The crew get tetchy in the camp, while lister currys kangaroo penis, the cat shits in the woods, and Rimmer wins redeeming himself due to a new found love of plants. When listers gelf bride enters the jungle lister pleads to be voted off. Dave viewers get to vote on a live cliff hanger ending to be screened the next day.

    Filmed on location in shepperton studios in the woods behind the studio.

  • It was supposed to be a humorous suggestion that the young Smegmeister there is the reason he’s glad it’s not Big Brother.. Sorry, it obviously fell short.

  • Aww, shit. Was doing pretty well in there an all, most casual fans who’ve never seen Red Dwarf seemed to like him, based on what I’d seen on Facebook, at least.

    Condolences to him & his family.

  • Has anyone kept watching without Craig? We were just going to watch the episode after he left and see if it was worth sticking with it, but we’ve ended up watching it properly anyway. I’ve been enjoying it :) I think Craig would’ve done well though after seeing a few days of him in there, maybe they’ll let him back in a future series?

  • I was only watching because Craig was there so I’ve stopped. Of course it’ll be the last thing on his mind atm but yeah it would be good if he was offered the chance to take part again next time. On another Craig related note, I’m loving the Steve McDonald depression story on Corrie, hope Lloyd becomes more involved.

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