Breaking news from Dimension Jump. Doug Naylor – a surprise guest – has announced some very, very good news. TWO new series of Red Dwarf have been commissioned by Dave. All the main cast are on board for all twelve episodes. The two series will be shot back-to-back, starting later this year. The filming dates have also been confirmed as the end of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 respectively, with a LIVE audience, shooting at PINEWOOD.  The broadcast dates are currently 2016 for Series XI and 2017 for Series XII, but that obviously could change.

As previous clues have suggested, both series will be a co-production with Baby Cow.  Doug says he’s written “most” of the new scripts and he’ll be returning as director, with Richard Naylor and Kerry Waddell producing.

We need some time to process this. Go ahead and comment to your heart’s content, and we’ll try and get our thoughts together in time for our post-DJ Dwarfcast.

EDIT: Official confirmation has now been TOSsed off along with an announcement trailer! Also, not yet officially confirmed, Doug says Craig had to choose between Red Dwarf and Corrie. He chose the former and has left the latter.

26 comments on “OFFICIAL: Two new series commissioned!

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  • Holy shit. It finally happened.

    Kate finally gave birth. I mean, it was already like, a week late. Glad it finally happened.

    Oh and that Smeg Dwarf show is back too, I guess. Good for them.

  • Bloody hell, it’s all sinking in now. We’re getting twelve new episodes in the next two years. Red Dwarf will continue to air until 2017, 29 years into its life. Lovely stuff.

    Not my words, the words of Shakin’ Stevens.

  • My favorite one is the scented, shiny vampire.

    That aside, I had already conceded that XI would definitely be the last series ever. I was not expecting this.

  • Did Doug say “12 episodes” the TOS press release doesn’t mention/confirm the length of the two series. You mention 12 in this news, which is good. Can I be the first to say, I want tickets for the early 2016 recordings. (im busy in nov/dec)

  • If it definitely is 12 new shows. There will be 37 episodes of Doug Dwarf.* And 36 Grant Naylor shows. I predict even before filming of XI and XII, this will make the 2017 episode survey have a top and bottom table split system, and Mr Hoare will refuse to participate in the ordering of the bottom table, out sourcing this to

    *including co-written

  • Series XI they go into the future, and then back in time into stasis leak.
    Series XII is all set in the wild west again.
    There’s a different girl playing kochanski and they just dump her body on some bins cus she faints.

  • Doug has also tweeted.

    “Did I mention we might also be doing a live tour? ‪#‎RedDwarf”

    :-0 Too much good news in one day.

  • I’m hoping we get to see those episodes of X that had to be axed for needing a location shoot.

  • When will they confirm there yet again won’t be a Cat episode in this series, or the next one?

  • Amazing, this is the best news ever! We have a lot to get excited about over the next few years!

  • Why can GNP never get their own RED DWARF logo correct?!?!?!? Have they not heard of vectors? why do they have to keep reverted to the “closest font” (which ISNT Times New Roman!)

    Kerning is important.

    We get to do all that speculation stuff again though, which is of course, excellent.

  • It’s great to hear given a lot of people were starting to have doubts that there would be more

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