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In a rare departure for Ganymede & Titan, this is an episode commentary that involved preparation and research. Thankfully, all the work was done by Jo Sharples of The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club, who acts as our resident Jane Austen expert as she joins lazy, feckless G&Ters Jonathan Capps, Danny Stephenson and Ian Symes. So join us as we do our best to ignore what’s actually happening on screen, in favour of discussing Pride & Prejudice, the elements from the book and various adaptations that make it to the episode, and which¬†P&P characters equate to which Dwarf characters. All this plus the usual brand of swearing and snideyness.

DwarfCast 62 – Beyond A Joke Commentary (54.5MB)

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  • I remember hearing “The late Don Henderson of Bulman fame” in The League of Gentlemen and recognising the name from Red Dwarf but not knowing anything else about him at the time, like that he’s in Star Wars. Red Dwarf was apparently his last role. Good job, guys. That is interesting about Lister’s Pride and Prejudice character.

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