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As reported seemingly everywhere: Brittas to return?

Well… maybe. In fact, the only thing the story actually confirms is that something is in development. Which is all very well, and matches stuff we’ve heard elsewhere – Chris Barrie’s site, for instance – but this is hardly a guarantee of anything actually making it to air. As ever, it’s slightly bizarre when it’s G&T which has to add a note of caution. BLAME MODERN JOURNALISM.

(What I’m finding odd is this idea there are 53 episodes of Brittas – something both the British Comedy Guide and The Mirror are reporting. There are 52 episodes. As ever, watch incorrect information spread across the media just because nobody could be bothered to look at an episode guide and count the number of episodes.)

On the plus side, the mention Richard Fegen being involved is highly promising. And there’s an interesting parallel here with Red Dwarf X, beyond the obvious. Whatever issues I had with that series, one thing it did was prove you can still have production ambition with audience sitcom.

The return of Brittas could well prove you can still do a pre-watershed sitcom which has a bit of fucking edge to it.

UPDATE (10/07/15): FFS.

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  1. Hooray! Kochanski’s coming back! :D

  2. Never mind all that Brittas malarkey, where’s A Prince Among Men Series 3? I’ve been waiting 17 years to see if he’s still always right.

  3. The Crouches or gtfo

  4. I’d like it to return for the simple reason that the ending was fucking abominably shit.

  5. Captain Butler: The Next Generation.

  6. Oh and on the subject of people lazily reading Wikipedia for number of episodes reminds me of The Big Bang Theory managing to just read Wikipedia when they mentioned Red Dwarf and said that there were 61 episodes despite the fact that 6 of those hadn’t been filmed at that time and still hadn’t been as of the airing of that episode.

  7. They were counting some mobisodes.

  8. I can’t believe The Big Bang Theory writers would be so careless.

  9. I just assumed the Big Bang Theory were future proofing themselves.

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