Yes, yes. I know. You’re really fucking bored of this topic now. But when UKTV do something right, it’s only fair that it gets the same coverage as when they screw it up. And they’ve very much managed to do something right.

When I covered Dave’s Red Dwarf Weekends repeat run back in 2012, my main objection was that the episodes were only being shown pre-watershed, and hence edited to buggery. When I covered Dave’s repeat run earlier in the year, they were showing the edited pre-watershed versions post-watershed, which is even worse.

Gold’s current repeat run? So far: edited versions pre-watershed, and unedited versions post-watershed. Meaning that last night, viewers were treated to this:

Cat and Lister sticking their fingers up. STILL VERY NAUGHTY.

Now look, I’m not especially keen on the edited versions being shown, even pre-watershed. If a sitcom isn’t suitable for pre-watershed broadcast, then don’t schedule it pre-watershed. But seeing as Gold are making sure there is at least a post-watershed showing, and the correct edit of the programme is being shown, that’s worthy of giving some respect to the channel. It’s far, far better than we’ve seen for quite a while.

So, the next test: Marooned. My guess is we’ll be stuck with the same Remastered version as has been accidentally shown on UKTV for years. But anything is possible. We’ll find out on Tuesday 28th July at 10:20pm, with the pre-watershed repeat on Wednesday 29th July at 2:20pm. Can you stand the excitement?


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  • I bet you £100 that it’s still the Re:bastard version of Marooned that gets shown. I’m convinced they got rid of the old version of the episode and have never acquired the new version with the extra shot at the end, as seen on the III DVD. That new shot was used so the episode could be re-classified as a 12, is that right? I can’t for the life of me remember…

  • Why do people insist on bringing up the “new” DVD version? That was just for the DVD, so it could get reclassified by the BBFC. Why do people think Grant Naylor / BBC Worldwide / whoever handles the distribution for series I-VIII would make that version available for sale?

    I mean, it’s not the version on Amazon. It’s not the version on Netflix, or Hulu. It was just for the DVD. I find its continued mention in the comments on these articles utterly baffling.

  • Apologies, I have not looked at the Netflix version so I didn’t know!

    We’re still no closer to knowing why UKTV were only showing the Re-mastered episode. Even if they suddenly change it to the original, we’ll probably never ever know why it was the case…….

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