Doug has been busy on Twitter this morning. Previously on the subject of Series XI and XII, we learned the following:

Lovely to see all that info in one place, but Doug wasn’t finished there…

So we’ve only got about a month left of people desperately asking everyone with even the vaguest affiliation with Red Dwarf if they know anything about tickets. Good luck, everyone.

Meanwhile, a rumour appeared over the last couple of days that Chris Barrie had told people at some convention or other that Series XI would air in March next year. We didn’t bother to comment on it, because there’s absolutely no point even pondering anything the cast are alleged to have said at conventions – it’s only worth acknowledging when it comes from Doug or Dave. So therefore, we were unsurprised to see both Naylors quashing the rumour, but relieved that they did it so quickly:

And finally, all this Twitter activity has led to Howard Goodall dropping some excellent news:

Lovely. We assumed he’d be involved, but it’s great to have it confirmed. So that’s ticket details, shooting schedules and music ticked off. We’d like to request that the next announcement is that they’re sticking with models, and maybe even that The Model Unit are returning to the fray. Either that or the triumphant return of Taiwan Tony.

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  • Howard Goodall coming back is really great news. I’m finding myself way more excited about these new series’ than X, even though the hype for X (at least for me) was relatively gigantic. It just stuns me every time the fact that 2 new series’ of RD are being made washes over me like a wave. :D Brilliance!

  • They’re not sure. Might just be a really big planet, otherwise it’s a star that never quite ignites.

  • I tweeted Doug asking if we’ll be seeing the two X scripts that got dropped due to the whole not being able to go outside thing. So that’s going to be interesting to hear back about.

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