It has become clear that audience tickets for Series XI and XII will be released tomorrow (Friday 11th September). We’ve already been told to brace ourselves for an imminent announcement on TOS, but in the last couple of hours, Doug Naylor has decided to go into a little more detail:

Excellent. This was actually a follow-up to an even more specific tweet, which you may have missed as it was a reply to a question about the necessity to take the day off:

So the first-come-first-served policy which destroyed Lost In TV’s server four years ago has seemingly been scrapped. Rather than having to wear out our F5 keys tomorrow lunchtime and hope for the best, we’ll be able to select our dates at a leisurely place, and presumably have an equal chance of getting lucky whether you submit your details on the first day or the fourteenth.

This seems much fairer – for Series X, those people who saw the link at the right time, by sheer luck, were able to take advantage. If, like me, you were one of those people, your chances of getting a ticket might actually decrease, as there’ll most likely be thousands of people in each draw. Then again, there are twelve dates rather than six, so double the amount of tickets are up for grabs, and they should be distributed much more evenly. It’s definitely the right way to go about it.

We’ll update tomorrow if there’s any further details, but really, you don’t need us to tell you that the first place you’ll find any news is TOS and Red Dwarf HQ.

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  • No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But that’s Fair!!!! They had to go and be intelligent. And make it all Fair.

    I don’t want bloody Fair. I’ve been brought up on Rimmer!!!! I wanted to be a big fat cheat and sneak in early and nick all the tickets, jabbing all the other ticket wanters in the ribs to get past them! I’ve been skiving off work all bloody week for this waiting to be a big fat unfair complete and utter bastard and crash a website like chris barrie rides a horse.

  • This is all well and good but this doesn’t tell me where and when I can get tickets. I should go and tweet Robert Llewellyn and ask him.

  • It kinda does. Richard Naylor recently mentioned Lost in TV website again. And Doug has said two weeks starting from tomorrow. So Bobby can only blab about the opening time. Which based on last years being 2pmish wouldn’t be that surprising. And the above says check the official sources to confirm. If you want tickets to Christian Talbot you mean I’m sure his show wont sell out very quick.

  • I’d like to reiterate the promise I made a while ago to share the shower of anyone who can get me a ticket :-)

  • > I’d like to reiterate the promise I made a while ago to share the shower of anyone who can get me a ticket :-)

    Not if you’re going to hog all the hot water.

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