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Q. What’s the only thing worse than not releasing a new podcast for ages?

A. Recording a new podcast and then forgetting you’d done so for the best part of four months.

And so with the level of competence you’ve come to expect over the last thirteen years, we invite you to join Jonathan Capps, Danny Stephenson, Ian Symes, Tom Pyott and TORDFC’s Jo Sharples as we discuss Better Than Life. Not the novel, or the long-running former Fan Club magazine, but the second episode of the second series of popular science-fiction comedy programme Red Dwarf. We discuss the differences betwixt episode and novel, the impact of The Beginning‘s revelations about Rimmer’s past, and Doug Naylor’s time-travelling cameo.

DwarfCast 63 – Better Than Life Commentary (51.8MB)

Incidentally, does anyone have any preference for which episode we do when we next have three or more of us in the same room, currently predicted to be around 2018? There’s only a handful of episodes left that haven’t had our special treatment, so we’re taking requests…

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  • I was going to say Queeg or Demons & Angels but when you mentioned series 7 at the end I remembered the proposed Epideme/Nanarchy double header. That would be a good dwarf cast. This one was great too – of course they all have lovely bottoms.


    Well, there’s a few that I’d like to hear sooner rather than later. Aside from Gunmen, also:

    Bodysnatcher (would especially love to hear John Hoare on this one)
    Stoke Me A Clipper
    Universe Challenge (go on!)
    Lemons (too soon yet?)
    Identity Within
    The American Pilot

    I suppose I’d like to hear a commentary on at least one ‘remastered’ episode, just to let you guys get it off your chest.

    But I love listening to these so frankly you could just leave us with a commentary on ‘Ace Rimmer – A Life In Lame’ and I’d listen to it (but please don’t).

  • After the pain of that digital shite article today ranking the series and managing to list two series at number 5 and then use a clip of quegg to show why series 1 is middle table, i need a digital escape of a much better quality that i respect, now if only my preferred set of Internet commentators would talk over a classic episode from the brilliant series II. Oh wow. This is better than life. :-)

    Now ive kissed ass can i get in a sneaky plug that i start Lexxicon tomorrow a Lexx intro cast from the makers of the Red Dwarf: Introcast. And im the new viewer being introed to that show episode by epsiode which i currently know bog all about beyond ep1. Tune in for the journey soon and watch the show along with us, or to see what I and the other new viewer think.
    And I would love you forever like a disembodied kryten head with a love programme glitch, or something. I hope we can get Mr Symes onto a future episode during our long run. Will post a link when launched.

    Next dwarf cast i would love to hear gunmen who wouldn’t but maybe the Emmy winner is better nearer the end.
    I agree that epideme/nanarchy would even up your lack of series 7 casts qicker more in line with other series youve near completed most of.

    Though thinking about it, Red Dwarf USA would be the most interesting to hear you all rip into.

  • Never spotted gumby Holly before!! My computer brain hurts!

    My take wouldn’t be that the other resturaunt users are gelfs or users logged in, i would say its more Rimmer who we know wants aliens to exists to give him a new body in real life is generating aliens in the resturaunt as proof that such things will exist for him back in the real world so its his fantasy, hes had a jag, hes had mcgruder! Now hes having this fantasy of aliens being around and the after the cat cruelly creates or ruins the officer fantasy rimmer starts feeling picked on and mournful and thinking about his father and then draggs eveything down from there.

    The episode does resolve but only in the game over caption. In many ways this could have been a great two parter they still had ideas to tell with the game.

  • Good point mani506. I mean the end of the BBC broadcast red dwarf episode commentarys only not of dwarf casts which must always be more smeg than dead.

  • also maybe rimmer is a fan of the tv version of hhgttg? i would like to hear a commentary of blue. thanks for the all the fish costumes…

  • or the creators of btl based the background charcters of the more generic sections of the game on things like the tv version of hhgttg as a kind of reference

  • Thanks for the new Dwarfcast, guys! Just what I needed to cheer me up after a lousy Saturday :o).

    I’d definitely love to hear a commentary on Gunmen of the Apocalypse, too.

    Other possible eps springing to mind at the mo are Queeg, Parallel Universe, Marooned, Demons & Angels, Any ep of X, Smeg Ups/Outs.

  • if you start doing commentaries on the dwarfcasts you can go round and round in time and the human race will never go extinct

  • Good listen as always guys. Is it the series 2 documentary on Bodysnatcher that has the brilliant footage of Chris, Craig and Danny buried in the sand and you can hear Norm moaning, iirc about the smell and the E-numbers in the jam on his head?

    Do SMAC or Blue next please.

  • They’ve done X including Lemons. Twice, in live and retrospective,

    Ah, but commentaries are a different beast…

  • Gone back and had a look. Surprised at how many episodes haven’t been done yet. There’s still six RDVII episodes to do, guys!
    Also surprised at which classic episodes are still commentary-less. I’d vote for Queeg or Gunmen next.

  • They’ve done X including Lemons. Twice, in live and retrospective,

    Ah, but commentaries are a different beast…

    If the prize for being totally wrong is 6 more dwarfcast i dont mind being Erra.
    I suppose by the time such things come around there might be two more series worth of perspective on their ranking in Dave dwarf era too.


    I’d definitely love to hear a commentary on Gunmen of the Apocalypse, too.

    I’d vote for Queeg or Gunmen next.

    Do you like that one? Gunmen? I like Back To Reality. I thought that was really good.

  • There’s still six RDVII episodes to do, guys!

    Yeah they’re not fun to do. Typically we just have 2 people going those and it’s usually me and Ian who do the shit bits…

  • “Yeah they’re not fun to do. Typically we just have 2 people going those and it’s usually me and Ian who do the shit bits…”

    I quite like the different dynamic with those. I thought the commentary you both did for ‘Pete’ was excellent, and actually made the episode enjoyable to watch. No mean feat.

  • I love all Dwarf Casts but the Pete and Back In The Red ones are mah favourite ones because of how resigned and exasperated Ian and Danny sound. I suggest those two for Only The Good and then the whole team could do Cassandra/deleted scenes/VIII overview.

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