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This DwarfCast discusses Red Dwarf XI & XII whilst adhering to G&T’s spoiler policy. Please ensure your comments do likewise…

To celebrate the extraordinarily imminent commencement of studio recordings for two brand new series of Red Dwarf, the entire G&T team gathered together to summarise everything we know so far, speculate on everything that we don’t know, round up the very latest nuggets of news and also answer questions submitted by you, our faithful viewers. So join Jonathan Capps, John Hoare, Tanya Jones, Danny Stephenson, Ian Symes and special guest Jo Sharples from the Fan Club, as we discuss such diverse topics as the availability of abandoned industrial units in southern England, the possibility of song and dance routines appearing in the new series, the utter lack of serifs in the new logo, whether or not there’ll be a huge series-spanning story arc, Danny John-Jules’s penis and Homes Under The Hammer.

DwarfCasts from Ganymede & TitanDwarfCast 64 – Red Dwarf XI & XII Preview (102MB)

While we have your attention, here’s a couple of housekeeping notes that you may miss if you don’t listen right to the end of the DwarfCast, you lazy ungrateful shits. Firstly, with location filming underway and studio dates imminent, the fabled G&T spoiler policy is now back in place. Please take the time to read the salient points, as the management reserves the right to call you a prick if you fail to adhere.

And more excitingly, we’re on the look-out for contributors! Our famous set reports will be returning for Series XI and XII, but in a different form – thanks to Lost In TV introducing a much better system of ticket distribution, there won’t be a G&T writer at every recording, plus doing twelve massive essays in a row would probably get a bit tiresome and repetitive. Instead, we’ll be attempting to chronicle the production process by compiling as many individual first-hand accounts as we can gather.

So if you or someone you know managed to get a ticket, and you/they would be willing to provide a couple of paragraphs within two days of the recording, please get in touch – we’ll then send you a few questions to answer, so that you know what sort of things we’d like you to look out for. You can email admin@ganymede.tv, or just leave a comment on this post and we’ll track you down. Your reward will be our eternal gratitude, a credit with links to anything you’d like to plug, and a blowie from John (optional).

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  • Marvellous! The night’s not looking so dull now ???? Although your podcast amusingly says it’s series XI and XVII!

  • Listened to an hour so far. I hope I can look forward to John’s opinions on how Dion Dublin’s presence has affected the Martin – Lucy dynamic.

  • If there’s gonna be a cliffhanger: Garbage World?

    I (still) wouldn’t mind seeing a series set in and around a spaceshipwrecked Red Dwarf.

  • I just sent an email but I have a friend going to a recording on December 4th and I’ll pass on any questions you may have!

    I’ve only listened to first 45 minutes. I am the biggest dwarf cast fan on the planet but I have to ask, how long is this dwarf cast?

  • thanks for making this content. and thanks for answering my question. robert llewellyn said the show was about ‘frailty, failure, compassion, honour and cheating’. both answers are true

  • Although this is a unique situation that presents new storytelling ideas for Doug (a cliffhanger that he absolutely knows will be picked up on) I wonder how distinctive XI and XII will be from each other. Each series of Red Dwarf has always been very separate in terms of style and presentation.

  • were iii and iv so different? maybe that’s why the logo makes sense. apart from it looks cool. in terms of kryten’s outfit – he’s the only character who hasn’t had a red outfit so far. but maybe that wouldn’t look good anyway

  • I’d say that I/II and III/IV were the most similar, but even then there were stylistic differences. II feels more confident, there’s more location stuff, overall more confident. IV feels less frenetic than III and the ‘new’ cast are more settled, but overall I’d say that III and IV are the most similar

  • I love Series 1 in its own way, but Series 2 is far superior. Funnier, more confident, more dynamic.

  • future echoes, or even just the ‘i’ve just been in the library thinking’ scene in future echoes does a lot to lift it up towards series ii’s greatness but i agree ii is far superior for the reasons you give. and that makes them distinct in a way. so that’s why xi and xii are iii and iv. rimmer could even be green even though blue=hardlight green=softlight they could just switch it like walkers crisps.

  • III and IV have a lot of similarities, but if nothing else the actual video quality is different in them (III’s oddly dank, grainy feel compared to the very bright IV) which gives them quite a contrast to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if XII ends up feeling like XIb.

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