What’s in it for them, sleeping in the medical unit?

Doug Naylor has always been extremely cautious about Red Dwarf spoilers getting out before broadcast. Which is why it’s a surprising move for him to tweet a picture of one of the sets, the night before the first audience recording.

It shows Danny and Craig pulling faces it what looks like a medical unit. Could this be part of the new Science Room set that Doug previously tweeted about? It certainly looks that way, and furthermore it looks vaguely Series IV-ish, mixed with the shade of grey we saw in Back To Earth.

When even Doug Naylor is tweeting teasers, you know we’re in for a lot of information in the coming days…

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  1. You’ll feel bad when it turns out they were actually in hospital.

  2. I think Craig is actually asleep…

  3. Does it look more like a Series 1 style medi-computer in the background rather than the medi-bot? Or is that just wishful thinking?

  4. May I be the first to say;

    Well Krytie, today’s the day.

  5. Liking the look of the set so far, funnily I was expecting everything to keep the overly red look of series X….this is good though, has more of an oldschool feel.

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