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To celebrate the dawning of a new year, and to help ease you through the production perineum, DwarfCast commentaries are BACK. And it’s a biggie – by popular demand, we tackle Series VI Episode 3 Gunmen of the Apocalypse, which is officially the third best episode of all time. For such a monumental task, we assembled the entire G&T team – Jonathan Capps, John Hoare, Tanya Jones, Danny Stephenson and Ian Symes – along with TORDFC‘s Jo Sharples. We discuss unrealistic video games, Grant Naylor’s descent into old age, and jailbait ball girls. A fun game to play whilst listening is to try and figure out exactly how old this recording is from the carefully placed anachronisms, and to spot the reference to another commentary that we recorded earlier in the evening but are yet to release. We’re like Steven Moffat or some shit.

DwarfCasts from Ganymede & TitanDwarfCast 66 – Gunmen of the Apocalypse (69.3MB)

DwarfCasts will return in 2016. You’d hope.

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  • Ah nice, got out of work early , came home to this, a last treat of 2015.
    A new year Eve cast. (Red dwarf intro cast revisited backwards for christmas by the way)

    I swear that wire frame starbug (also on the DVD menu) is like magic eye picture, you can make it
    Spin anticlockwise in a landed position or clockwise in a nose down flying position if you stare at it
    long enough.

    The starbuggers documentary i was rewatching recently. They reference legends.
    So we get sirens from Greek legend and references to ” legion ” and the four horsemen, and genesis is referenced in rimmer world, all from the bible. Is there a legend referenced in emo hawk? Or anything in out of time (though that was written later did it replace any proposed script?)

  • Happy new year! I was just wondering if there are any colour photographs of the opening scene of Gunmen? It occurred to me that seeing any of that footage in colour would be a weird experience.

  • I just found out which episode commentary is in the can. Excitingly that means that another series is fully Dwarf Cast – inside a decade!

  • Interesting listening to Dwarfcasts #63 and #66 back to back, as I belatedly did today… I’ve never directly compared those two game themed episodes before.

    Conventional wisdom has it that this episode was once one of the most popular (Emmy award, Red Dwarf Night broadcast, DVD fan commentary) but has since suffered a backlash. I’m not sure how true that is (though it did place merely 12th in this site’s 2008 Top 51 episodes list), but I still think it’s one of the best. Part of my fondness comes from the fact that for a while it was one of relatively few episodes I had on tape, since I only started recording Red Dwarf broadcasts from VII and Red Dwarf Night onwards.

    If nothing else, it contains the second-funniest scene involving Kryten’s removed eyeballs!

    Does anyone know who did the artwork for the game’s character select screen? My first thought was one of the Smegazine artists, but I think it’s more likely to be someone someone more directly involved in the TV production.

  • > If nothing else, it contains the second-funniest scene involving Kryten’s removed eyeballs!

    The first being the one where they fly into Captain Tau’s coffee?

  • Number one on the low list would be the deleted scene from Pete Part Two with the eyes being held over the barrels.

  • well done on proving janet street porter wrong, it really is possible to make a dwarfcast about gunmen after all. looking forward to you getting into series vii

  • Just listening to this.
    Nice to hear the veiled Hippies ref…. I’m poking scepticism.

    Kryten’s taranshula hand has to be pretty High.

  • Hippies is to the Young Ones what Bottom is to Hancock’s Half Hour.
    And isn’t the world a greater place for having them all.

    Vegetable rights and peace.

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