…of having to think of things that it’s been a certain number of days since, and frankly it’s becoming a chore.

Yes, tonight’s the night of the fourth Red Dwarf XI recording over at Pinewood. What do we know about episode four? Well, the pre-records have been “bizarre sounding”, there might be a big chair, and they’ll be using microphones. Related to that last one, we learned that somebody on the production thinks Robert Llewellyn plays “Kryton”.

Hopefully, we’ll have slightly more information than that in our set report, which will be arriving on Saturday or Sunday. See you then…

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  • Bobby is currently Periscoping. He says this episode will “probably not be the fourth one to go out”. Two days of pre-records this week. He and Danny are knackered. He says he reads Ganymede & Titan (after SOMEONE asked him), and he’s very glad that we’ve not revealed any spoilers.

  • It’s 1,508 days since I attended a Red Dwarf recording.

    Oh, that sounds horribly self centred, doesn’t it? I’d much rather be counting the days until it’s all on TV. Really can not wait.

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