…until Red Dwarf has its next studio audience recording, but a) nobody seems to give a shit about our Friday morning posts this time round, and b) quite a bit of interesting news has emerged in the last couple of days. Rest assured that our set report will be arriving on Saturday, hopefully a little earlier in the day than normal and possibly done slightly differently to normal. But in the meantime, an intriguing detail has emerged from Robert Llewellyn’s latest Periscope (link only valid until Thursday morning, disposable media fans):

They’re on air next year. We spoke to someone from UKTV last night, so… the sort of September-ish of 2016, and then January-ish of 2017.

Now. It seems from this that Series XI and XII will air approximately four months apart, which seems a way too short a gap. Robert could have misspoken, and meant January-ish of 2018 – a plausible thing to have happened, but an approximate sixteen month gap seems a bit too long. We’ve all been assuming they’d both be airing in consecutive years, at around the same time of year as X, which started on the 4th October, which I’d class as “September-ish”. But now it seems that either way, XII will break this pattern.

So which will it be, of the two options? My money’s on the longer gap, because it would seem daft for UKTV to spend all this money to get those four guys in a studio for possibly the last time ever… and then spunk all the results so quickly. There’s a strong possibility that these twelve episodes will be the last twelve episodes, so they’re too valuable a commodity to resist holding on to. On the other hand, maybe it makes commercial sense to make them available for download/DVD/Bluray as soon as possible. And there’s a further possibility that Robert Llewellyn is talking out of his arse, which isn’t unprecedented, so we’ll hold tight before booking any time off work.

In other news, a small feature on the forthcoming series appears in the current issue of SFX, which you should all definitely buy from all good newsagents, rather than just looking at this tweet. It’s an interview with Doug Naylor, in which he discusses the pressures of making two series back-to-back, Rimmer’s character development (or lack thereof), and this interesting nugget:

They’re all self-contained episodes. There are [overall] story things but not a real arc because we don’t know yet which will be the six episodes that go out in XI and which will go out in XII.

Interesting. However, GNP’s Head of Smugness Seb Patrick has provided updated information on the TOS forum:

It’s worth pointing out that due to lead times and such, that interview will likely have taken place before filming started. It could well be that before production began they didn’t know which would be in which, but by the time production began they may well have settled on it.

Without any insider knowledge, I hasten to add, I personally believe that everything shot this year will be XI, and everything next will be XII. But it’s very possible that broadcast order will differ from production order, as it did on every previous series apart from X!

So make of it what you will. Personally, I’d be slightly disappointed if there wasn’t some kind of story thread or cliffhanger carrying over from XI to XII, as it would be a shame to waste the opportunity to do such a thing in the certain knowledge that the resolution would actually take place. I guess we’ll find out in January 2017. Or January 2018.

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  • I’d be surprised if we got a cliffhanger but it all depends what GNP/Dave/Baby Cow’s main goal is.

    If it’s just a stand alone series which is easy is to re-sell to overseas broadcasters ala I-V (with no cliff hanger ending).

    I’d guess capitalising on series 11, Dave knowing they have gold (series 12) on the shelf. I’d guess for an Autumn 2017 release to coincide either with the tour or an announcement of another series

  • Hi there guys. Haven’t posted in a very long time, not sure if anyone will remember me.

    I’ve snagged 2 standby tickets for the recording on Friday, just spent 60 pounds on train fares to get up there (and being a 20 year old student, that wasn’t a decision taken lightly!)

    Can anyone comment on how likely I am to get in with a standby ticket?


  • Nothing is guaranteed, but as long as you’re there by 5pm, you should be alright, based on previous weeks.

    Disclaimer: if you get there by 5pm and don’t get in, G&T is not liable for your train fare.

  • It feels a bit like back to the future II & III With this back to back production. That was a short gap between releases too.
    Both series if it was roughly sept16 and jan17 would have 10 months for post production work (overlapping)
    If there is a cliff hanger between a shorter gap reduces chance of spoilers getting out,
    And maintains momentum of marketing the series being back and might therefore keep ratings high.
    A September launch and series run then some weeks off to do christmas and new year and then back to the dwarf.
    Then get the package sold overseas and DVDs out earlier. One for Xmas maybe and
    One before Easter. If cast and production could have achieved it Dave would Probably have made more series each year and be on or considering xiii by now or by 2017 certainly. I can see only one benefit in holding back xii until sept 2017 and thats
    To establish a time slot at a time of year they know they can get the most viewers. They will be most interested in whats the best
    Ad revenue for increased viewers for premiere.

  • I guess if they have the shows there done and a good broadcast window then it is a matter of why not. Added to the fact that they want to rake in the download and DVD money earlier.

    The question is: is January-March a good broadcast window for a cable sitcom?

  • I am sort of worrying about Doug. Hoping he’s up to it.
    I’m all for spunking everything I’ve got in one go but that is a tight fucking schedule, surely.

    >It feels a bit like back to the future II & III

  • Lets not worry. I’m just chuffed we have more Dwarf to look forward to. I’ve seen an episode and for me, it was very funny.

    P.S. I enjoyed Back to the Future II but I am a sad old git.

  • I wonder if Dave asked for a 12 part series split into two (a la Doctor Who series 6, 7 and probably 10) and Doug decided to do it as two separate series.

    Richard’s wording of it being ‘very unlikely’ doesn’t entirely rule it out, which suggests to me that it’s not quite so far off the truth. If it was planned for a late 2017 air date then I can’t help thinking he’d say it’s way off or something.

  • >Now, hang on a minute!

    What? Me?!
    Don’t get me wrong. I love Back to the Future part 1. It was my favourite film for many years. Well done them. Back to the Future part 2, I like. It was my favourite film for a couple of years before I realised that I was young and it was not as good as Back to the Future part 1.
    Back to the Future part 3, though. That’s really boring.
    Obvious points awarded for it being a western, but that storyline with Doc and Clara. My word.

  • I only hope Kristoff Kyslowski isn’t reading this. Not least because I don’t know how to spell his name.

    Finest trilogy…? I’d probably choose Back to the Future Part 1, Dawn of the Dead, and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Would I? I’ve no idea. I’m confused.

  • Gazpacho Soup’s review of episode 5 is promising…. and interesting. Particularly the comments concerning the guest characters…

    Okay, I did link to it above, but I guess there are rules concerning linking outside the site, as the link got altered. It’s easy enough to Google, I’m sure.

  • I stand corrected Si!

    I enjoyed the Gazpacho Soup report and I wankxiously anticipate the G & T one. It all whips up intrigue and excitement.

  • I managed to get in on my standby ticket last night, but by Sod’s law this was the night that Pinewood has numerous fire alarms and technical difficulties making for the longest recording yet, and unfortunately I missed the last half an hour or so as I had to run for my train from Slough. It will be a long wait to see the resolution of this episode, although I think I have a good idea of where it was headed.

    I’ll save my main thoughts for the set report thread, but for now I’ll say it was definitely reminiscent of IV/V. Beautiful lighting, great guest sets. I concur Starbug is… different. I can see where people’s concern is stemming from. There was a very outlandish scene that did take me by surprise but fits in well with the episode. Overall a thoroughly enjoyable episode, probably nestles in there as a “mid-series” episode quite well. I have a feeling good things are in store for this series.

  • Richard’s wording of it being ‘very unlikely’ doesn’t entirely rule it out, which suggests to me that it’s not quite so far off the truth. If it was planned for a late 2017 air date then I can’t help thinking he’d say it’s way off or something.

    If I said: “It’s very unlikely that I won’t punch you.” How confident would you be that you’d come out of our meeting unpunched?

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