After a break of just three weeks, Red Dwarf is back in production, with location filming for Series XII underway. More on that later, but first, LOOK AT THIS:

That, my friends, would appear to be an absolutely massive Red Dwarf ramscoop and nosecone. It’s easily taller than that man next to it – I don’t know who he is, but I think it’s inappropriate for him to be turning up to work in blackface. Anyway, Doug had previously mentioned that there’ll be a new Red Dwarf bigature (as well as a whole new Starbug model). This would be a kind of middle ground in scale between the existing bigature and the regular model, so it all makes sense, unless this ends up being part of a model that’s about eighty foot long.

Elsewhere, the first day of filming for Series XII took place on location on Wednesday. Robert said that it was for a particularly bizarre episode, and in a tweet that since been deleted, Richard also hinted that it would be one of the most expensive episodes ever. With that information in mind, Danny’s strangely-punctuated tweet about pulling on a head seems to suggest one thing – it’s the one where they’re all Kryten, isn’t it?

Location filming continued into the night, either for the same episode or another one, and Craig tweeted a very intriguing picture:

That looks familiar. Very familiar. I can’t tell for sure, but if that’s not Sunbury Pumphouse, then it’s certainly got a similar aesthetic, as per the last set of locations. It’s unclear at this stage whether the flaming torches are set dressing, or just part of Craig’s rider in case his cigarette lighter breaks.

And now we’re less than a week away from the first studio date of the year. Do we know anyone who’s going, to this or any other dates? If so, do get in touch if you fancy contributing to our set reports.

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  • In all the excitement, I forgot to mention: “Red Dwarf Model 2.0”? This is at the very least four point something – version two would have been the one blown up in Series V.

  • I wonder if this will be a complete replacement of the previous ship? If so, I hope they tweak the proportions some…

  • Definitely agree! When I first saw “Red Dwarf Model 2.0”, my initial assumption/hope was they had actually done a completely rebuilt model with the tweaks that the X model really needs.

    I honestly wouldn’t mind if they went with a pencil shape like the original Re-mastered model. I thought the model version looked a lot more beautiful than the CGI version they had to go with for Re-mastered, and IMO also looked better before they cut it up for Series X.

  • A model version of the BTE version (which was just the Series VIII version chopped in half with a new design for the back) would be best as that was a nice compromise between the original and remastered.

  • In all the excitement, I forgot to mention: “Red Dwarf Model 2.0”? This is at the very least four point something – version two would have been the one blown up in Series V.

    Depends on whether you count CGI models or not as well. In terms of physical whole-ship models, it would be:
    1.0: Original
    2.0: Series 5
    3.0: “Pencil” model
    3.1: Series 10 Cut’n’shut of pencil model
    4.0: Series 11-12


  • New Starbug model, eh? Wonder if it will be changed in any form. Hopefully not and it’s just a more detailed version to suit the HD cameras better.

  • Speaking of Starbug, here’s a new shot of the interior. It looks a lot better and less blue, and look, the door opens to reveal more of the ship, including the mid-section! Surprised it is an actual door and not one that slides into the wall cavity. I imagine it could get in the way for Rimmer.

  • So there’s a mid-section, wonderful. That “Not Alert” sign’s an interesting inclusion too.

    I thought the man in front was Chris for a second and was astounded at how bald he was.

  • The more I see of that set, the more I like it. It will be a shame if they flood the whole thing with blue as you will probably lose a lot of the variation and detail, but I guess we’ll see how it looks after the final grade.

    ‘NOT ALERT’ is a nice touch, I’d be very surprised if that isn’t the setup for a gag at some point.

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