…since Red Dwarf XI filmed its final episode, and today Red Dwarf XII will be filming its first. It’s the shortest gap between the recording of two series by quite some margin, obviously.

The production itself started ramping up last week, however, and it seems the model builds are well under way, with a new Red Dwarf bigature and a new Starbug build progressing apace. We’ve also had the now regular pleasure of learning of a new guest star early AND a fat production spoiler, all wrapped up in one, now deleted, tweet.  Speaking of guest stars, Linda Glover has highlighted the fact that she is good at her job by teasing us about another great guest cast line-up.

After our last two set reports provided by G&T members, we’re once again reverting back to the reliance on guest reporters. It’s our own fault for forgetting the secret handshake, really. Report back at the weekend for our set report summary article, as Red Dwarf XII starts to take actual, factual shape.

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  • Doug: “Twelve guests from @starwars Episode 8 in tonight’s audience.. No pressure! #Red Dwarf XII”

  • It’s not just me who’s still weirded out by the fact that they’ve ALREADY shot a SERIES of Red Dwarf, and they’ve ALREADY starting to shoot the NEXT SERIES?

  • It does seem odd considering the gaps between VI-VII (4 years) and VIII-BTE (11 years), that when series XII eventually airs, it’ll be atleast a year to year and a half old. can’t think of many films or TV shows, which will have had such a gap between filming (Jan ’16) and broadcast (Sept ’17…at a guess). hope nothing happens between filming and broadcast…

  • The spoiler free review on Gazpacho Soup is up.


    Looks promising, although they pretty much all do.

    Did that comment seem cynical of me? I am actually feeling very optimistic concerning these two new series. But I do understand how in those audience situations people the excitement and camaraderie can override stuff that is an issue later.

    That being said, while the reviews of series X were largely positive, (and rightly so in my opinion. The pros far outweighed the cons, I reckon.) there was some reservations that were born out in broadcast. Most didn’t particularly bother me that much but I could see why they irritated other people.

    In comparison, these reviews really glow. In a nice peachy way, I mean. Not a dark green way, or greyish way.

  • I see Danny did a retweet/reply to someone who had a picture taken with him (as Cat) last night.

  • Cat does look good in that suit, even if it makes him look a little like a vampire lounge singer though.

  • That’s obviously a pube-like wig he’s wearing.

    I still like it better then his series VIII and series X wig, I kinda wasn’t a fan of either for different reasons.

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