UPDATE: The tweet and photo have now been deleted from Naomi’s Twitter, thus meaning the image can never be viewed again by anyone. Unless you look in the comments.

To Red Dwarf cast members and UKTV executives alike, NDAs are apparently just things that other people have to worry about. After last year’s deeply blue sneak peek at the new Starbug cockpit, actress, and presumably guest actor, Naomi Sheldon has taken time out from her busy cuddle campaign duties, to give us a better look at the ‘bug’s shiny new set.

The lack of the intrusive blue lighting (presumably due to the fact this would be early week rehearsals and not a filming day) means it’s our best look yet the finer details of the set, which seems very pleasingly laid out like the VI and VII era, but with quite a different feeling to the general set dressing. And, it has to be said, as follow ups to the infamous ‘red alert bulb’ gag go, a big sign saying “NOT ALERT” above the door is a very silly and pleasing effort. As for exactly how it will look on camera, that really is something we’re going to have to wait until we make a final judgement call, but for now it’s clear the set itself is very nice indeed.

We’ll be on stand-by with a mop and bucket in-case any other cast members want to shat out production secrets, but it’s clear we’re now well into the season of our spoiler policy taking effect once again. If the next six weeks go the same way as the previous ones, I confidently predict G&T will emerge with a better spoiler record than the actual fucking production.

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  • After being at a recording I was a little concerned about the look of the Starbug cockpit with the blue lighting, but it looks amazing in this photo!

  • I did see this picture a few minutes after it was posted on twitter. I decided not to post it on Gazpacho Soup because it might get the actress into trouble and these things should really come from GNP/UKTV/Baby Cow as and when they want it out. I was just hoping it would go by unnoticed unlike the one from the UKTV exec which was noticed straight away.

    From what I’ve heard from people who’ve seen it filmed, the actual set is lit somewhere in between this and the one posted by the UKTV exec. So basically both of these pictures give a false impression of the set. Which is why it is probably best to wait for UKTV to release these things with nice big desktop background size pictures before really analysing the set in any real way.

  • It’s a fine line to walk. This picture, and one posted before Christmas, getting out is not just the fault of the individual, it’s the fault of the production, therefore it’s come from the production. There seems little point treating this picture any differently to the other (which is still online) and ignoring it doesn’t exist. It’s out now, and we’re all intelligent enough to know it’s not necessarily representative of what will be seen on screen.

  • I stumbled across a photo of what appears to be the Red Dwarf corridor set under construction on someone’s blog the other day. I’m not going to link to it or tell you where I found it but it does seem as though some people (mainly guest performers and people not directly linked to the production) are a bit lax when it comes to not putting stuff like this online.

  • What’s my joystick doing there at the front??? o.o

    Did your parents never have this conversation with you?

  • Not fond of the lack of mid section since it was always something that fit the shape of the starbug model while this is just having a mid corridor section leading left and/or right.

    Unless they are redesigning the starbug model which I dunno how I’d feel about that

  • It’s certainly has a different feel, Kryten’s station is too small and as for Rimmers console…

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