…since we rounded up some sneaky set pictures that have been tweeted ahead of the studio audience recording of Red Dwarf XII episode four. Blimey, episode four of six, or ten of twelve overall – we’re past halfway on this particular series, and in the last quarter of this mega production block. As usual, information on this week’s installment is thin on the ground, other than the fact that behind-the-scenes documentarian Nathan Cubitt has been “on location” with his fat lens and focus marks.

We’re therefore grateful to Craig Charles for his increasingly lax attitude towards his non-disclosure agreement. Three more tiny set teasers have been tweeted forth since our last update, starting with a new look at something Craig originally tweeted back in November

What once was white is now red – an aesthetic change between series, or something for a specific scene? Anyway, even more exciting was this glimpse at some props:

Always good to see a Leopard can on board the Dwarf, and those Zero G video covers are great – elements from the “classic era”, incorporated into something new, with a colour scheme and simplicity that goes right back to the show’s very origins. I’m also amused by the continued devotion to the VHS gag from Back To Earth. Finally, Craig treated us to a close-up view of Rimmer’s bunk:

No surprises here, but it gives us a better look at the strange orangey fabric that also adorns Lister’s bunk. You can also make out a reflection of a man wearing a light-coloured shirt having a sit down, and Craig’s slightly smug/cheeky face. More updates on these as we get them.

In the meantime, our set report for episode four will be along at some point this weekend, and after a late flurry of volunteers with standby tickets, it might be quite epic if they all get in. We’re thin on the ground for episode five (26th Feb) though, so if you’re going along to that one, and you want the fame and adulation that comes from having your name mentioned on G&T, please get in touch.

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