“An enormous amount of Krytens”

Those with slightly longer memories will recall that, at DJ last year, Doug mentioned that he was planning an episode where “everyone was Kryten” causing much excitement/hand-wringing/wailing and gnashing of teeth (delete as appropriate) from fandom. Now, in an interview conducted at MCM Liverpool, two chaps by the name of Robert Llewellyn and Danny John-Jules have pretty much confirmed that this episode exists. There’s no going back now…

What’s caught my eye is that it seems to be a little more complicated than a simple ‘all the crew are Krytens now’, as there’s heavy hints that there will be a lot more mechanoids around than just four, and not only that at least some seem to be “from beyond the tomb”. I’ll leave it up to you to decide what that may mean (for the record, I don’t know shit), but I’m heartened to hear there might be something more to this premise than we may have initially feared.

While we’re in the interview mood, skiddle.com had their own with Craig Charles the week before the final audience recording. The interviewer only has one attempt to glean new series spoilers out of him but Craig remains non-committal, and among other things he has this to say about his decision to swap some cobbles for teh spaces:

I’ve worked with these guys for nearly 30 years and Coronation Street will always go on. They couldn’t really make Red Dwarf without me, so it was a case of showing loyalty to people who I’d worked with since I was 23 years of age.

Aw, that’s nice.

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  1. Hmmmm. Robert Llewellyn in ‘saying more about upcoming Red Dwarf than Danny John-Jules’ shocker.

  2. Sounds like a great episode actually. Done right, that is.

  3. Surely you guys at G&T Towers must be struggling to avoid spoilering each other at this point?

    Presumably there’s a lot of greenscreen involved in this episode, I can’t imagine the budget would stretch to making loads of Kryten costumes.

  4. Oh, I’ve just seen the full 15 minute interview here. I won’t lie, it’s not up to Dimension Jump standard, and like pulling teeth in places. But still, here are ARed Dwarf stars Danny John-Jules and Robert LLEWELLYN.


  5. Nice to see that Danny’s a bit chatter in the new interview. Love the stormtroopers passing in the background as Robert’s talking.

  6. That was delightful, thank you. I did hear the ghost of John Hoare past groaning ‘please don’t ask him to do Tongue Tied.’

  7. That’s a very strange question, Mr. Cat.

  8. My friend Joel interviewed Robert Llewellyn at the MCM event. As he is a generous man he let him feed him most of the questions to try and prompt an exclusive, and he *almost* gets one. Actually, to be fair, the reveal that Millennium FX did all the XI and XII prosthetics (including the new Kryten mask) is legitimately new info (to me anyway), though a quick Google shows that the Gorton Studios school website already announced the information last week but no-one noticed. Nice comments about the 30th anniversary plans, live show, Coogan and I Camcorder too. I tried…!


    (Oh, and Gorton Studio link – https://www.gortonstudio.co.uk/grads-on-millennium-fxs-red-dwarf-team)

  9. That’s good news about Millennium FX, their work is almost always fantastic. Looking forward to seeing what they’ve come up with.

  10. I was there at comic con when the announced it. I think (possibly) that all of them will be made to look like Kryten or some form of mechanoid.

  11. INTERVIEWER: So, what sort of music do you listen to on set?
    LLEWELLYN: We don’t listen to any music on the set.
    INTERVIEWER: Oh, okay. So what sort of music do you listen to on set?

    I wouldn’t fancy his chances with Emu.

  12. One extra in Krysis, and one 3 in Can of Worms. They are warming up for series XII

  13. Say it with me: “spoilaaaah.”

  14. Red Dwaaaaaaarf.

  15. So another kryten meets other krytens episode?

  16. I’m still pulling for a Young Ones-esque sequence where they all all keep swapping personalities and do naff impressions of each other.

  17. What about the talk of army of krytens

  18. I’m tired and I just misread it as “An enormous amount of Klingons” and thought I was on the wrong site for a split second.

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