Ellie Crisell on the Newsround setYo. Welcome to the first John’s Newsround for very nearly five years. Let’s see if I can remember how to do this shit, shall we? Some of the stuff that’s happened over the past week:

THE LAST RECORDING: Last Sunday, Robert Llewellyn posted a little update about the final episode of Red Dwarf XII, in which he reveals that at the time of writing, the cast hadn’t actually seen a final script yet. (The readthrough ended up happening on Tuesday.) Speculation below then, as to whether this is an unusual state of affairs for Red Dwarf or not, although seeing as both The Last Day and Out of Time were late scripts, it’s also debatable whether it even matters. I’m far too busy wondering about why the update was posted on Robert’s Fully Charged site rather than his main blog. And where did his main website go, anyway? Face it: you’ve missed me talking about anything other than the main fucking point, haven’t you?

What does seem certain is that this seems to be a Very Special Episode; Llewellyn has said that it’s “brilliant, baffling, creative and challenging for a knackered cast/crew”, and Andrew is even more excited, saying “they’re doing things lifelong fans like me would go silly over”. If it’s not an Yvonne McGruder/Arlene Rimmer/Kochanski Camille threesome, I’m not interested.

THE POMPH: Now, this is peculiar. It seems from a tweet from Ed Moore that John Pomphrey – lighting director for the first six series of Dwarf – has been interviewed for the XI/XII DVD/Blu-ray extras. Which is an unusual choice of interviewee to say the least, but obviously MASSIVELY WELCOME. And if you can’t wait that long, then check out my interview with him back in 2004. I’ll be in the corner, crying over the fact I’ve been doing this shit for over ten years.

Incidentally, Ed Moore has also posted these lovely two behind-the-scenes pictures. Having not been to any of the recordings myself, it makes me realise just how many nice pictures have come out of this production… without me actually having any idea about what the hell the show is going to be. Good – if incredibly annoying – work, everyone.

DON’T BE BLUE, RAY: As reported by TOS on Friday, there is a Zavvi-exclusive Red Dwarf X Blu-ray steelbook coming on April 11th, with pre-orders apparently being taken from 6pm today. It seems a strange time to re-release a series which is already three and a bit years old, but that will cease to be the latest series in a few months time, but WOTEVES. It’s nice to know there’s still a market for this kind of thing in this wild age of digital downloads that you view on your fucking watch, or something.

And that’s your lot. Our set report for the final episode will be forthcoming, of course, and then we fully expect everything to go quiet from the Dwarf production office for a bit. Just time for us to start publishing a load of nonsense. Do I hear the inevitable return of High & Low on the distant horizon?

I mean, as cliffhangers go, I admit it’s not the most enticing. But I thought a history of Ganymede & Titan logos would excite you all just a bit too much.

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  • Nice to see this back! and as for them doing stuff in the finale that we’ll freak over…? Blowing shit up?? We always love a good explosion, right?

  • I’m far too busy wondering about why the update was posted on Robert’s Fully Charged site rather than his main blog.

    I’m guessing the headline to that particular story is “old man forgets password for thing.”

  • It would be nice if they recorded some commentaries for the Steel book, I’m sure they didn’t but a fan can dream.

  • I was just about to wish for the full series on blu-ray but then I remember what cleaning up those tapes gave us last time. I don’t think I’m ready for another remastered series just yet.

  • I wonder if it’s going to involve going back to old unresolved storylines, i.e. Lister marrying Kochanski as seen in Stasis Leak or something.

    I hope this specific thing doesn’t happen, because I really like the fan theory that the future Lister and Rimmer from Stasis Leak are just younger versions of the future Starbug crew from Out of Time. It makes so much sense that it hurts!

  • Yes, that theory works pretty well. I honestly wouldn’t mind an on-screen explanation, but if that doesn’t happen then that can enter my head-canon. Especially since Fathers & Suns and The Beginning stopped the ‘7&8 being a reality bubble’ head-canon thing.

  • Also, if guest actors put on Casting Call Pro that they’ve been in XI or XII, can that be discussed on here?

    Good question, and thanks for asking it. We’re going to be cautious at the moment and say no, as it’s an internal industry thing hidden behind a login.

    Plenty of time to get our teeth around casting stuff over the following months…

  • I’ve seen a couple of RDXI/RDXII cast listed on imdb, including one very specific role which gives a very spoilery idea as to the nature of the story.
    I’ll not mention them either, as I suspect they’re there because no one has explained the concept of spoilers to them.

  • Yes, essentially, don’t look at the cast list on Red Dwarf’s IMDb page if you don’t want to have at least one episodes plot practically revealed, but then again, I believe that we did get hints about that particular episode/plot anyway from the cast in pre-recording interviews, so seeing what is on IMDb isn’t that spoilery, is it?

  • Well, I wouldn’t dream of posting details anywhere, but I do tend to search for any possible extra info re the new episodes, and can’t help but find spoilers. The thrill of finding something new is nice. Then I regret knowing stuff a little further down the line

  • Re: the new steelbook. What are the statuses of anybody’s orders? Mine says ‘awaiting stock pick’. Wondered if anyone’s been told it’s been dispatched or anything?

  • Bobbyllew: “Spent the day reminiscing about #RedDwarf XI &XII for the DVD. Forgotten how many we made. I still haven’t seen any finished eps.”

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