DwarfCast 70 – Mac McDonald Interview

Somewhat foolishly, film star, comedy veteran and Space Corps captain Mac McDonald willingly allowed two members of the G&T team to enter his home. This is the resultant conversation, which takes in such topics as duetting with Dolly Parton, being terrified of Sean Connery, illicit sexual encounters during the filming of Series 1, cereal and fat jokes. Ian Symes is your host, and his posse consists of Danny Stephenson and Jo Sharples. An enormous thank you to Mac for his time, hospitality and pecan cake.

DwarfCast 70 – Mac McDonald Interview (58.6MB)

Ian Symes, Mac McDonald, Danny Stephenson

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  1. Oooooh. Looking forward to this.

  2. Oooooh.

    …said Reed.
    “Oooooh,” said the woman with the invisible appendectomy scar.


    Dunno how you resisted the urge to ask “Where’s Dave Lister?” as every other question.

  3. Well done, guys, I enjoyed that. And what a thoroughly nice bloke.

  4. “Jack Nicholson, but I’m not telling that story”

    Shots Fired!

  5. That was really good! Mac is awesome.

  6. Gotta love Mac! Great interview!!

  7. A fun interview and seems a lovely man. A nice Richard Herring style opening question too…

    He has had supporting roles in so many interesting films and TV shows that it must be almost impossible to know which to ask him about…

  8. I bloody love Mac, great interview!

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