Well, Starbugger me.

Yes, thanks to a spectacularly-headlined TOS update, we now know the identity of the two models made by the Magic Camera Company – and one of them is small, green and prone to crashes. We already knew Starbug would be appearing in the new series, thanks to that storyboard snap, the leaked cockpit picture, and the dozen set reports, but it’s absolutely lovely to see the hard evidence. It also tells us that over the course of the next twelve episodes, Starbug will crash into a snowy landscape – Marooned II, anyone?

There are several subtle differences between this and the most recent Model Unit version, as used briefly in Series X. Two satellite dishes have been added to the rear section, the bumpy bit on the “head” has been replaced by two smaller bumpy bits, and the bits around the boosters are much more corrugated. Intriguingly, there’s a teaser in the article that this may not be the full story:

If you’re worried about the poor ‘bug looking the worse for wear, however, then don’t be too concerned – let’s just say we have contingency plans in place. But that’s all we can really tell you right now.

Interesting – could there be more than one Starbug model in use? Possibly a 3D printed one? Or do they mean that Blue Midget will also be used? Or maybe even a whole new shuttle ship? Fuck knows. But what we do now know for sure is that the Red Dwarf photo from last week was indeed of a new bigature model, something which we spectacularly failed to identify in our report, but we think we got away with it. Oh.

The TOS update ends with a not-terrifically-specific promise that we’ll be seeing a lot more teasers on a fairly regular basis over the coming months. Bring it on. But in the meantime, we’ve just realised that we’ve failed to mention the recently-announced Dimension Jump XIX on here. Today saw the announcement of the first two guests – Robert and Hattie – which may not be a massive shock, but it’s greatly pleasing news nonetheless. But they needn’t have bothered; they were already halfway to selling out before announcing a single guest, like they’re fucking Glastonbury or some shit. Snap your tickets up now if you haven’t already – the first DJ after a new series is always a very special one, and it’s not to be missed.

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  • Maybe it’s the angle of the shot, but those feet (well, that foot) look *tiny*.
    Also, my brother doesn’t like the new model. So there.

  • I keep having dreams about the new series and I’m wishing away the weeks until September. That logo next to that model is very pleasing.

  • Honestly, looking at the set at first glance, I thought it sandy, then you said snow, and I looked closer, thinking I needed my glasses…and I still think it’s sand, but it could just be me.

  • I think it might be sand too – look at those rocks up near the bluescreen section, they don’t look like they’d match with snow, i.e. the snow would be covering them surely?

    Also, we’ve got bloody Starbug! It only escalates from here! We’ll probably get a Skutter next, or one fifteenth of a set.

  • I keep looking at it and noticing little changes from the ‘classic’ design. New boosters by the looks of things, and the comms array on top of the midsection is gone. And yeah, as Si mentioned, it’s gone down a couple of shoe sizes. Interesting.

  • At my very first glance at this photo, I assumed it was snow – possibly because it was so evocative of Marooned – and no matter how many times I looked at it subsequently, I couldn’t see anything but snow… until it was pointed out that it’s sand, and now I’ve looked again and it’s clearly, obviously sand. And there was me deliberately trying not to make assumptions!

  • At least the cockpit windows are a decent size. :)

    The phone is still just a dummy, though.

  • Not sure what happened to the ‘1’ on top and the red and black trim – bit of a shame as they added a bit of variation before. Still, will reserve judgement until I’ve seen it on screen – I’m sure it will look fine on the day! And yeah, I thought it was snow at first as well.

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