God, it’s all happening on the models front. Tonight, something quite exciting emerged on Doug Naylor’s Twitter feed. It started with one picture and one question, and escalated from there…

A 3D printed Starbug! What was that we were saying, not two days ago, about this model shoot utilising the very latest technology alongside the old tried and tested techniques? If that photo of Doug’s is from today, we can assume that this isn’t the only Starbug model – G&T commenter JBBOPT spotted a glimpse of a completed ‘Bug in the big Red Dwarf photo. So perhaps they’re printing off versions at different scales, or spares to blow up or crash. From the picture it certainly looks smooth and detailed, although I’m not sure the colour’s quite right.

Mind you, I wasn’t keen on the paint job on the picture Nathan Cubitt tweeted the other day – that lettering is completely wrong.

One thing’s for sure – with all the model stuff, increased social media activity from UKTV Press, and this sparkly gif version of the Series XI logo, the wheels of the promotional juggernaut are starting to turn…

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