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Okay, suckers. Get this into your stupid thick heads. There’s only one thing I’m going to say to you: please listen to our episode commentary for Queeg. Danny, John, Ian and TORDFC‘s Jo Sharples gather around to discuss such topics as Ed Bye’s directorial flair, the nature of Holly’s consciousness, how the show might have developed had Norman Lovett stayed on, and the surface area of peas. There’s also a somewhat startling new theory about how long Holly’s joke lasted – was “Queeg” actually in charge for five months? Join us for an uncharacteristically competent chinwag.

DwarfCast 71 – Queeg Commentary (68.7MB)

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  • Wow that write up sounds like this podcast will be as delicious as the episode is. will round off my weekend nicely with this and pizza.

    I could see ed bye directing in flares, like the ones danny had in back to earth.

  • You certainly know how to take the P. Brilliant. If there is 3 different outfits for Lister then 5 months is plausible cus that’s how often he would change clothes in that time frame. What if the chess game is actually a couple of those months and we are seeing a montage of the actual moves, but the computers are deliberating for ages.

  • Rounded off my birthday nicely with this and delicious cake. Great podcast and t’was nice to hear John back again. Never even thought of the possibility of Holly messing with the crew as Queeg for five months! And I feel quite dumb for not even realizing that the Hologram Simulation Suite was the same set used in Thanks For The Memory.

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