If thinking about the model work on the new series of Red Dwarf make your anus involuntarily clench, then you’re probably a) reading the correct site and b) all too aware of the myriad fuckeries of the Series X model production and are thus rightly nervous about what comes next. While that’s a very negative way to start this piece, we do actually now have some nice positive news to ponder on that front.

As post production probably persists we’re starting to get an idea about what the new look model set-up will be. Richard Naylor, presumably as part of some sort of mental breakdown, actually gave Gazpacho Soup the time of day with the following deets…

Firstly, the Magic Camera Company has a long history with the show, often subcontracted for work on the early series models, and they’re back with at least two more builds. Secondly… well, I don’t need to tell you why it’s deeply pleasing, if not unsurpirsing, to once again hear The Model Unit’s name in relation to new Dwarf. It’s quite curious that they’re only ‘joining’ ‘us’ for the second half of the shoot, but what that means in the grand scheme of things is something that remains to be seen… probably on Disc 2. Needless to say, the inclusion of both these companies is fine news indeed. I bet they’ve read loads of books about models and everything.

And finally… Mr. Doug Naylor of historic market town Godalming was facing any commuter’s nightmare scenario last week when he discovered his travel card missing. Luckily for Mr. Naylor we live in a connected age with internet web sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Bebo, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Geocities, and his card was promptly found and returned to him by a helpful social website dweller. Who says the internet is only a fad? More at 10.

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