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Years after we first started these commentaries we’ve managed to tick another series off the list, this time with Series V, as we mop up Demons & Angels. Join Jonathan Capps, Ian Symes, John Hoare, Tanya Jones and TORDFC’s Jo Sharples as we unpick one of the show’s more unusual episodes and arguably the show’s best series.

As a side note, why not try playing a fun drinking game, taking a sip every time you can hear a cat destroying something, and a shot every time one of us says something that makes it plainly obvious we’d just been watching RDX.

DwarfCast 72 – Demons & Angels Commentary (43.5MB)

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  • I applaud your efforts! Ps nearly ten years of Dwarf Casts. Hoping for an instant reaction one before the actual anniversary. Loveyoubyeeeeeee!

  • Congratulations on completing series V. Which made me realise at some point i can watch a whole series with dwarfcasts.

    Interesting debate about an extended script for this fleshing out the high and low characters as versions of the characters that they derived from and less so the gangs of good and bad they are shown as. Mostly it seems they are lumped together in the writing, with the low costumes offer more individuality of character. I do think however the writing is deliberately saying that the highs are spiritual and outward looking servants, although its only referred to as “hippies” there is little self interest to display as character beyond the skills they have to give to others which is displayed briefly in the dance, or mention of craft medicine and food making offered. Their lack of individuality is partly derived from their openness of focus to others. They are generically at one with their small community. Harmonious. Interesting also that you compare this issue to Terroform, which I had never considered. But yes the high rimmers there are ace like Hero figures. I suppose the problem then might be at the other end of writing, that If we got 4 distinct brilliant and perfect hero like versions of the four/five characters this might over shadow how we see our flawed favourites of the posse and undermine the story’s conclusion making you wish more the good didnt die.

    Surprised you didnt compare this to Confidence and Paranoia at all.

    I dont agree with your count of alternate personalities. I count lister appearing as both Father and Son and interacting, as two aspects of his own personality. More subtle than hallucinated or alternate dimension etc, etc, but thats how i would look at it. We got daddy discipline lister and you don’t understand me lister.

    Lots of great points about direction reshoots and Juliet May. And about the pacing.

  • I never had a problem ever with, why is low lister still alive. Or why is holly back.
    Holly was blown apart when red dwarf was, and without any other back up busy with full run time trying to stop red dwarf going bang. And you explain the lister by commentary end. Great spot on that Kryten comment about the triplicator i never noticed that.

    The thing that always struck me about the deleted science room scenes before reshoot was how bloody terrible the strawberry shot sells the idea in those scenes. Where as the shot in the broadcast version is squeamishly perfect in both close up and bite they marry believably and sell the worst food gag since the delicious dog food.

  • Don’t see a post about this yet, but it appears the original series 1-5 are being released on Blu-ray in August.

    Japanese market is apparently why its happening, there’s big enough demand from there for the show on Blu-ray. £25 a pop though, I think i’d be holding off on my purchase. If they do release 1-5 then I only hope 6-8 also get released too so the set can be completed.

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