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As we hurtle towards series end, we gather to analyse the living fuck out of Krysis. Join Ian Symes, John Hoare (in his triumphant return to the land of the not hospitalised), Tanya Jones, Daniel Stephenson and Jonathan Capps along with the Fan Club’s Jo Sharples as they lift their respective cloches, revealing the tasty, tasty opinions within.

DwarfCast 83 – Live Krysis Reaction (92.0MB)

We’re already in the week of Can of Worms so you can bet your arse mounted exhausts we’ll be back next week with our series finale spectacular (note: it will be no more or less spectacular than previous weeks) and we hope you can join us for another fun live optionathon as we close out Red Dwarf XI before having a little bit of a rest.

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  • Listened to this on the road a couple of days ago. Entertaining. It’s a shame that I’m never going to get to catch these live because they sound like a hoot to listen to immediately after broadcast, though my inner techie wants desperately to help you improve your mic-pointed-at-a-speaker “solution”. Maybe for series XII, eh?

  • Happy to hear suggestions for improvements we could make for XII. One particular snag to consider is that everyone in the main room needs to be able to hear what the people on Skype are saying, and that headphones would require a mess of wires flailing precariously in multiple directions, and would make it harder to hear the people who were actually in the room. It would be easier if we were *all* on Skype, sat on our own in separate rooms, but a lot less fun.

  • That’s definitely a consideration. I’m confident that there’s a way you can have a monitor speaker for those of you in the room and have the audio from the Skype call brought in clean for the podcast, so you lot would be able to hear and the sound quality would be significantly improved for the listener. I did something similar when I had people over for a charity livestream a couple of years ago, and we had a Skype call-in for part of the stream.

  • Has anyone heard the Travis song Mid Life Krysis? Not many people have, it’s probably a bad reference.

  • I may be the only person in the world whose favourite Travis album is 12 Memories, and even I didn’t think about that connection. I will now, however, only imagine the song being sung from Butler’s perspective.

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