Let’s Talk About Can of Worms (on Dave)

And here we are, after a whopping seven weeks we’ve gone from Twentica‘s premiere on UKTV Play right through to today where Can of Worms finally makes its way onto Dave at 9pm tonight. In our little world we know that the vast majority of people have already seen it, but on the offchance you’re one of those people with immense powers of restraint then once you’ve watched tonight’s episode you’ll almost certainly want to be catching up with the discussion, as well as reading Ian’s excellent review.

We’re all starting to get a little bit sleepy here in G&T towers, but we’ve all got just about enough strength left in us for one more Live DwarfCast starting at the helpfully regular time of 10pm (BST) (well, 9:40 if you like our nice collection of pre-show music). We’ll be sure to do our best to make it a good one, so it would be marvellous if as many of you make it a long as possible so we can see out the series in style. Our Spreaker page (link coming closer to broadcast) is always busy with chat so it’d be great to see you all there, and don’t forget that we’ll also be keeping an eye on the comments here and on Twitter so we can steal your opinions, parrot them back to you and then pull a clever face.

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  1. You can watch Red Dwarf series XII , episode one on
    UKTV Play tonight. Dave viewers can look forward to seeing it
    October 2017.

  2. I genuinely thought the Karma Chameleon music chosen for Samsara was a reference to Andrew Collings which gives me no right to call his mum a fucking idiot.

  3. G&T Admin

    You are all wrong, and yet I feel you will all be disappointed by the choice, as several of these are better than the one I’ve picked. But there’s going to be a little bonus musical moment at the end, so stick around for it.

  4. Can we have a different selection of hold music from 9.40-10.00 this time?

  5. G&T Admin

    Yeah, sorry about that – I was intending to mix it up throughout the series, but then I started a new job and have had considerably less time to fit everything in.

    Next year. It’s on next year’s annual goal list.

  6. Oh well. Thanks for letting us know as I had another handful I was going to post.

    Be nice if you could fit a bit of this remix in one of your future shows (between 1:30-1:45)

  7. Yeah, sorry about that – I was intending to mix it up throughout the series, but then I started a new job and have had considerably less time to fit everything in.

    Oh go on then, I’ll let you off.

  8. Have you found that McCleans Whitening ad that Bobby did the Kryten voiceover for? The ad which featured a blatant Holly rip-off. I’ll be very disappointed if it doesn’t turn up in this week’s ad break.

  9. So… having rewatched Can of Worms: maybe the Morphlings should have changed into human children necessitating Lister’s need to have his emotions wiped?

  10. There *might* be some rules about being seen to flush children into Deep Space. A tradition or an old charter or something…
    I know for a fact you can’t show them being set on fire.

    But for my money it’s the best reason for having the tuck machine in this episode. Aside from the actual reason that didn’t seem to lead anywhere.

  11. Well, my thinking was that they could change into humans on the way there then scatter.

    As could the Morphlings.

  12. Re. The Tuck Machine –
    What’s that episode of Gavin and Stacey where Pam makes this hugely elaborate welcome home banner to show at the airport, goes on and on about it, only to throw it away within seconds of Gavin and Stacey seeing it as they arrive home? It’s a great gag. Could the Tuck Machine scenario not be seen along the same lines? This whacking great Rimmer plan, scuppered within seconds. This gives me a huge laugh. I’m sure there have been other examples of this kind of joke in other things. I think it’s great.

  13. I really don’t mind seeing this as all Cat’s dream. It’s one of the maddest episodes ever. Brilliantly so.

  14. Great Dwarfcast. Well done.

  15. I think the reason that the tuckmachine stuff doesn’t bother me (as in why Lister didn’t just kill Kryten and Rimmer… it definitely should have had a resolution as a plot point), was because it removes emotions, not knowledge. Who’s to say that Kryten didn’t leave a line of “code” or just information in there that tells him not to shoot at them, to override what might be his then-natural response?

    Sure, that needs an on-screen explanation to serve as an actual solution, but as a personal in-world explanation, it works for me.

  16. If that was the case, he might have at least hesitated before shooting the Cat polymorphs though, since he had no way of knowing if they were actually Cat or not.

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