Right, I want a nice, excitement free broadcast day today. UKTV Play – yes I’m talking to you, pay attention! – I don’t want to see any hint of you releasing Can of Worms any earlier than tomorrow morning, is that clear? You’ve fucked up our lives quite enough for one year thank you very much. And you! – yes, the person reasing this who is genuinely waiting for the Dave broadcast of Krysis  at 9pm tonight but are for some reason browsing this site – you’re not supposed to exist, so please stop it immediately! I swear if I see anyone using this thread for its intended purposes, I will keep everyone behind after the final bell.

Is all that clear? Good. Now while you’re just standing around doing nothing make yourself useful and check out our talking points and review when you can be bothered (or if you’re genuinely someone who’s not seen the episode yet, then wait until after you’ve seen it), and prepare for our Live DwarfCast, starting at 10pm (BST) tonight. We’ll be going over our more detailed thoughts on the episode and its previously mentioned talking points, as well as soliticing your filthy, cloche based comments through our Spreaker page (link available closer to broadcast), in this here comments section and on Twitter.

9 comments on “Let’s Talk About Krysis (on Dave)

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  • These threads were on fire four years ago! I am grateful for the U.K. Play thing because it really would be impossible for me to watch the broadcast. However it is a huge shame to lose the ‘all watching at 9’ element that made X feel so special.

  • I don’t get Dave either, but they could just release it on UK Play at the same time it goes on air, rather than this week before preview malarkey.

  • “I swear if I see anyone using this thread for its intended purposes, I will keep everyone behind after the final bell”

    *waits for Cappsy to turn his back”


  • One thing I forgot about after re watching on Dave. I like that Butler was thinking of writing a book on the droid Uprising. At least there is some nice continuity there.

  • What’s weird is that it took so long for the universe to get an episode to itself since it’s never been off camera.

    Nah, they’ve been to alternate universes.

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