Hello to all you people who patiently wait for the proper broadcast each week. We’re sure you exist. 9pm (BST) tonight is the time and Dave is the channel for Officer Rimmer‘s official premiere. Afterwards, I’m afraid you have some catching up to do as we’ve been bollocking on about the episode in a variety of places and Tanya has laid out her more considered thoughts in her review.

Once the episode has aired we’ll be doing our level best to organise and present the vast variety of thoughts and opinions to you in our Live DwarfCast, starting at 10pm (BST) tonight. The countdown in the top right will end at 21:40 and be replaced with our live link so you have time to get settled in and listen to our pre-show music, and once we’re live and talking you can get your messages to us either by commenting here, chatting through the Spreaker page or by doing an tweet.

4 comments on “Let’s Talk About Officer Rimmer (on Dave)

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  • This was my second watch after first viewing on UKTV Play last week. I was wondering if I would’ve warmed to the episode a bit more by now, but I haven’t really. I don’t hate it but it just feels like such a step down after Give & Take and definitely the weakest of the series so far for me.

    Couple of small Dave points I noticed – they didn’t have “New & Exclusive” under the logo this time like they usually do on first airings, and they squished the credits. I think that’s the first time they’ve done that on first airings for new eps. Boy, I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.

  • I actually quite liked the abrupt ending which I’m sure you’ve all been discussing at length for the past week. Although conversely I thought the story was a bit too front-loaded, and maybe there was a thing or two that could have been trimmed (the ending of the “Officer’s Corridor” joke was *really* weak, and the barbershop quartet maybe went on a bit too long). And the stuff about Lister no longer owning the rights to his own likeness was a really interesting concept that felt like it could have had an episode to itself.

  • Oh, and just wondering: was Stephen Critchlow/Capt. Herring in the studio or were all his scenes pre-recorded?

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