So it seems the second, Samsara focused, content release for Red Dwarf XI: The Game is starting to roll out. I say “starting” as it seems those with iOS devices currently have it, and those with Android devices do not, but we imagine this will right itself pretty soon, alleviating us from yet another case of split-fandom syndrome.

We’ve already got some of you talking about the new content in our Forum mega-thread, so it’s probably best you keep any specifics in there. It also has the added advantage of being the chosen hunting ground for Ian GameDigits to merrily swoop in from time to time, grab your feedback with his game developer talons, fly back to the GameDigits nest and dillegently digest the feedback using his powerful stomach acids before vomiting the result into the gaping beaks of his hard working development team young.

I’m planning on another Let’s Play style video for the Samsara mini-games, following on from the modest success of the last one. I’m flying a tad blind with these videos though, so do feel free to throw any suggestions for the type of video you’d like to see or you think would work well, as I’m perhaps looking for something slightly different than just seeing how far I can get within a 40 minute recording session.

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  • I absolutely loved the last video. So feedback is. That again. i liked the commentary over the game player. I thought it worked well.

    Basically as I dont have a compatible phone, Or much interest in actually performing game play myself. But i do have a pathological fear of missing out on seeing the tied in ness of this game. You saved me from dummy throwing tantrums that would give me a sore throat by allowing me to be like i was when i was a 5 year old who would stand in arcades and whatch the big boys play level 9 of gauntlet when i couldnt get that far, but needed to see more of what the later game was like.

  • I love you, Jonsmad.

    With that in mind, it’s almost a shame I can’t just play through the lot. I mean, I *could* but that would probably suffer from dominishing returns pretty quickly.

  • I’m enjoying the samsara update. :) the Jim sneaking mission probably needs a little tweaking in places but overall all good. I liked the ‘password’ part Rimmers security questions :)

  • Brilliant, keep up the great work Jonathan! We actually changed quite a lot of the game from watching the last one, so looking forward to this…

    I like the description on how you see our dev team dynamics at GameDigits. Actually, I’m a major part of the dev team too and we’re all experienced devs from AAA game console background, so it’s not quite like that – nice thought though!

    As for the Android release, we pushed the ‘Go live’ button this morning and we’re just waiting for Google to propagate it through the store.

  • Id watch it cappsy. But i understand if you are doing more first play reaction kind of coverage.
    Maybe a full walk through edited together from a best shot at all stages is more something to think about for when the game
    Has released all 6 episodes of content, much later on like.

  • Just started playing the Samsara update, and loving it so far. But I’m stuck on the second security question at the mo, and feel a mix of shame and annoyance that I don’t know the answer to what the make and model of Rimmer’s first hover car was!

  • I’ve installed the latest update so thought I’d finish off twentica. Did the driving level and now answering questions at the door. I’ve answered 3 in a row and nothing happens. He just says right on the money, I’m listening. But tapping the screen does nothing. Anyone got any ideas? What am I missing?

  • If memory serves, after you do 3 in a row; you have to do 6 in a row or something. Basically keep answering questions correctly in a row until you lose the will to live. It’s like applying for a mortgage.

  • I guess they concentrated qa on the new levels and it’s just a lack of sanity testing on existing levels. Presumably existing code has been tweaked for re-use for a similar level in samsara.

  • It’s annoying as my progress is completely blocked now until they patch it. I tried restarting the app and phone but nowt worked.

  • We’ve had a few emails regarding this and we’ve fixed the issue now.

    We have been quick to respond and uploaded a new build to Google Play (which will takes a few hours to go live), however we’ll need to wait for the Apple version to go through their review process which can take 2-3 days.

    I know the cynics amongst you will believe it was intentional to unlock the next Episode, but that certainly wasn’t the intention. It was an unintentional bug that crept in after updating the Cat Logic code that inevitably affected the original Speakeasy game.

  • These things happen. I’ve been a dev for 25 years and things always slip through no matter how many processes are in place. It’s how you deal with issues that count.

  • I’ve installed the latest update so thought I’d finish off twentica. Did the driving level and now answering questions at the door. I’ve answered 3 in a row and nothing happens. He just says right on the money, I’m listening. But tapping the screen does nothing. Anyone got any ideas? What am I missing?

    Experienced that yesterday and ended up deleting and reinstalling the App but that just meant I’m no longer player no. 62 and have to start from the beginning again. OOPS.

  • If you hadn’t noticed already, the update went live this morning, so the Speakeasy quiz is sorted again now. Plus, a whole bunch of other improvements too responding to your feedback from the G&T mega-thread (For example, ‘Meet Rachel’ is easier now!)

    Thank you for your understanding sd99, and yes, no matter how many steps to add to the process sometimes these things have a way of getting through. As you say, the best thing to to is to rectify it as quickly and safely as possible and not let it spoil people’s enjoyment of the game. Let’s hope this is the last one though!

    Also, 25 years as a dev is impressive – I’m approaching my 20th. It’s a great industry to be in isn’t it? It can be a risky business and a very harsh audience at times, but making games like this is fantastic and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

    Hope you guys enjoy the update and we’ll crack on with the next episode – more good stuff coming your way!

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