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The last six Thursdays have been incredibly exciting for Red Dwarf fans; the sense of anticipation all day as we eagerly await the big, unmissable event in the evening. No, not the Dave broadcasts of episodes that everyone had watched six days earlier – the Ganymede & Titan Live Reaction DwarfCasts! All of these are permanently available to download and keep, exactly as they originally went out, complete with imperfect sound quality, awkward pauses and exponentially increasing levels of tiredness.

But listening to the full hour-and-a-half of inadequately prepared waffle is not to everyone’s taste, so those who value their spare time and sanity may be unaware of the numerous audio extras that accompanied said waffle. So, to help you cope with the huge gap in your Thursday night routine, we present some of those loo-break-enabling inserts for your listening pleasure. You’ll have to go back to the full shows to relive our always-hilarious #DwarfFacts series, our increasingly tenuous collection of Red Dwarf-themed adverts, and our rotating episode-specific intro music, but here are the things that might actually be worth listening to.

Rebecca Blackstone interview


Betwixt the UKTV Play release and Dave broadcast of Twentica, we thumbed through the G&T rolodex and re-imposed ourselves on Rebecca Blackstone, who previously played Pree and had now returned to play Big Bang Beryl. We chatted at length about how her return came about, what she made of her fellow guest cast members, and her flirtatious behaviour with Danny John-Jules.

The origin of Captain Bollocks


Even before the joke about Kryten’s subfolder-based nickname for Rimmer was broadcast in Give & Take, the phrase “Captain Bollocks” was familiar to Red Dwarf fans due to its inclusion on official merchandise. But for some of us with long memories and obscure knowledge, it’s a phrase that dates from much further back. Over two decades ago, an early rough cut of the Smeg Ups tape leaked. It’s a version that is completely uncensored, contains “link goes here” captions instead of actual links, and features many out-takes that didn’t make the final cut of the video, or appear on the eventual DVD releases. A collection of those unused smeg ups has since surfaced on YouTube, and this is the audio from one of those, taken from a scene that was itself deleted from Terrorform.

The deleted FIFA joke


During Give & Take, Kryten makes a topical joke about the President of FIFA. This was topical despite having been recorded nearly a year earlier, and was in fact topical way back in 2012, when a similar joke was recorded for Entangled but subsequently deleted. This is the audio of that deleted joke, shamelessly ripped from the X DVD.

The Theme Tune (Danny Stephenson remix)


It was a revelation that overshadowed the series finale itself when our very own forum user Darrell dropped the bombshell that the opening theme tune has secret hidden lyrics. This is G&T’s Danny Stephenson’s attempt to isolate those vocals with more clarity than the widely-shared Youtube video. In addition to the phase-inverting technique, Danny also tweaked the frequency spectrum to bring out the vocals, which also had the effect of emphasising the piano and some of the horn parts.

Cunty PartirĂ²


Well, as they always say, finish on a song.

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  • I was hoping for another lift-based clip show myself.

    Still can’t bring myself to play that finale again, it’s too soon.

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