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Bloody hell. There is never a dull moment when you’re a Red Dwarf fan at the moment. Over the last few months, the show has expanded into other media with varying degrees of success, with merchandise, a mobile game and soundtrack albums hitting the virtual shelves. It’s no less than a popular franchise of this age deserves, but it’s still a little surprising after years and years of the brand being under-represented outside of its core fanbase.

Which is why we’re utterly gobsmacked at this photo being posted on the official Lego Dimensions Facebook page, with the simple caption “It’s cold outside…”:

Yup, that’s a Lego version of the Red Dwarf sleeping quarters alright, complete with tiny Lego bazookoid, tiny Lego guitar, tiny Lego cloche helmet, and tiny Lego London Jets posters. Plus, brilliantly, a massive Lego Snacky. This is amazing.

My knowledge of Lego Dimensions is limited to having watched my nephew play it on several occasions, but the gist of the game is that every geeky franchise under the sun has been mashed up into one big Lego-ey platform adventure, where the aim is to build your way through the various worlds in an attempt to restore order to the universe. It’s built on expansion packs, where physical Lego minifigs and models can be purchased in order to add characters, items and levels to the game. And it looks like Red Dwarf is the next property to get that treatment. This is a huge deal for the show, to be included alongside the likes of The SimpsonsDoctor WhoBack to the Future and GhostbustersRed Dwarf is now in the Premier League.

Of course, the snag is that it’s a somewhat expensive game to play. The starter pack, with just the basic game and the necessary bits of kit, will set you back £40-50, and each expansion pack is around £20 a piece. I’ve always been interested in giving it a go, but the ever-expanding costs have put me off. But now? The chance to play an official Red Dwarf game on an actual proper console for the first time ever? Count me the fuck in.

UPDATE: As Dave Wallace points out below, it looks like this is likely to be one area within a larger story pack, rather than Red Dwarf having been given its own special expansion. This is a much more believable scenario, and while we’d undoubtedly all prefer our favourite show to get the full treatment, even the smallest cameo is still a pretty big deal. @RedDwarfHQ has teased that all will be revealed, so we’ll be awaiting Friday’s TOS update with great interest.


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  1. Cloche.

  2. Lots of places are selling off the basic Dimensions starter pack for around the £30 mark now, I snapped one up a few weeks ago for Christmas (along with the Doctor Who and BTTF packs) so this is great news.

  3. What’s the game actually like? I’ve played a lot of the Lego Star Wars games back in the day and had a go at the PS4 Marvel and Star Wars ones. Same thing but shorter? Platforming, build bits, blow stuff up?

    Very cool though. Hopefully we get a fuckton of minifigs, sets and ships to buy off the back of it which we can all buy under the auspices of being for a son/daughter/neice/nephew which we then keep for ourselves.

    I think a Dwarf game is the best way of continuing the series after the cast are fully fucked off with doing the show, so it’s really good to see Red Dwarf have 2 official games.

  4. G&T Admin

    The game is fucking brilliant, just expensive.

    The first level sends Gandalf, WyldStyle and Batman(Kevin Conroy version) to the Land Of Oz. Where Batman proceeds to beat the crap out of Scarecrow thinking that the world they’ve just entered is a mass hallucination.

    That basically sets up how well the worlds work together in this absolutely batshit but great game.

    But there is nothing like the feeling of building a tiny DeLorean (with plans given to you by the game itself) only for it to appear when you place it on the game. Oh and have Sonic driving it. Fuck yeah.

  5. A deal must have been made between Lego and Red Dwarf. Perhaps this was spurred on by Lego Ideas Red Dwarf set, which has now reached the required 10000 supporters for Lego to consider it. If a deal is already in place between Grant Naylor and Lego, this surely must make the chance of an actual Dwarf Lego Set all the more likely?

    I’ve never played Lego Dimensions. I used to be a huge gamer, I was even a games tester for Sony, but I’ve not touched a console since becoming a teacher 8 years ago. Is Lego Dimensions available on the iPad or is it exclusively a console game? I might consider purchasing it if it’s available on an iPad or my Mac, but I won’t purchase a console just to play it.

  6. I wondered whether it was linked to the Lego Ideas set too. Although that only reached the 10,000 supporters mark a few days ago, and this has obviously been in the works for a little while. Still, the Ideas set could have spurred them to pursue the licence and then include this area in the game as part of that.

    And yes, Lego Dimensions is a console game only, I’m afraid – there’s a fairly large bit of interactive apparatus that comes with it (a stand that you place the Lego figures and models on to interact with the game) that would make it unsuitable for mobile gaming.

  7. The combined price of the collected Dwarf soundtracks plus the Lego Yellow Submarine have just wiped me out, so this is just taking the piss out of me now.

    Remember when the biggest piece of RD news in a month would be an episode of Brittas going through the BBFC? I have to put my hands up and say GNP have done an incredible job at short notice of restoring Dwarf’s media merchandise empire to its 1990s glory. All we need is the publishing side to come back to life and we’ll be cooking with gas.

  8. Saying all that I absolutely cannot believe there isn’t a 2017 calendar.

  9. All we need is the publishing side to come back to life and we’ll be cooking with gas.

    Oh, I’d love some new books. I know we’re not all big fans of Series VIII, but you can’t deny that that scriptbook is bloody lovely. Was that the last Official publication?

  10. All we need is the publishing side to come back to life and we’ll be cooking with gas.

    Oh, I’d love some new books. I know we’re not all big fans of Series VIII, but you can’t deny that that scriptbook is bloody lovely. Was that the last Official publication?

    Agreed. More scriptbooks would be great, graphic novels of Smegazine comics too.

  11. I want nice matching reprints of the novels with new covers, forewords and sexy extras in the back. Licence to print money.

  12. G&T Admin

    Perhaps this was spurred on by Lego Ideas Red Dwarf set, which has now reached the required 10000 supporters for Lego to consider it.

    I doubt that it did. They would never admit it, anyway.

    Game dev takes months in advance from pre-production to concept art to completed product. This won’t have been a fast decision, they’ve had this under their sleeves for a while I’d wager.

  13. The Lego Ideas proposal has been active since May this year and has been fairly popular, but you may be right, this may have been in the pipeline since before then even.

  14. It’s weird, I’d wondered if the Dwarf brand might have been rejected by Lego Ideas because it was too adult, clearly not…

    (I just wish that Ideas proposal was… well, of something better than the X bunkroom and the Remastered Blue Midget. Neither are particularly well-loved or iconic, when it’ll be £40-60 of a jobby. It’s so weird that after all that it’s looking like it’ll become a real thing.)

  15. I bought Lego Dimensions for my girlfriend earlier this year because she loves Lego games and Doctor Who and yet it had totally passed her by that there was a Lego game where you could play as The Doctor (a great level pack by the way). I was just recently probably boring her about how good a Red Dwarf expansion would be and how it would be a perfect fit. I never thought it would actually happen! I mean, it isn’t an expansion but even having a single room referencing the show is more than I ever thought would happen.

  16. The Lego banana is a nice touch that I only just noticed.

  17. G&T Admin

    The next logical step is for Lego to make a Lego Game Creator, when you can design and build your sets digitally, and imbue your characters with custom abilities. There’s enough powerups and features that would be applicable to suit pretty much any game mechanic you wanted to impart. That’s what I would like.

  18. For a bit of context as to how the Red Dwarf location might work, here’s a video showing some of the special locations you can access with the TARDIS (including Jetsons and Flintsones-themed areas):

  19. Here me and my friend rambling on the Dwarf Lego topic

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