Well, Ian GameDigits promised us that Give & Take, the next playable episode of Red Dwarf XI: The Game, would be released this month and that does indeed seem to be the case. After some initial concerns about the slow roll out of content I’m actually enjoying the pleasant surprise that each new update brings, and we now get to enjoy playing through many people’s favourite episode of the series while drinking eggnog and wearing our hilarious Christmas jumpers.

TOS have been kind enough to give us some preview screenshots of the new content which allows us a tantalising peek at what we can expect next week, the most interesting of which shows a mini-game involving traversing Kryten’s subfolders. Those who frequent the Let’s Talk About thread in the forum will know Ian GameDigits was fishing for suggestions for these very folders a few weeks back, so while ‘Cloche’ is unlikely to make an appearance I’m looking forward to seeing how many in-jokes they managed to cram in here.


While the gameplay of that mini-game is still a slight unknown, the remaining screenshots give some pretty big clues as to the type of games we can expect to see, with sneaking around, scanning a ship and shooting rocks in Starbug and flying through space corridors in Starbug seemingly making a return. As before it’s looking really nice with an impressive art direction that manages to cram a lot of pretty on the limited power of mobile devices. Presentation and performance really is one of this game’s strongest points, but I’m looking forward to seeing what gameplay changes and additions have been made this time around as well.

Despite a deeply alarming drop off in viewers between the first and second video, I will continue my series of play throughs / reviews with the new episode next week (or possibly maybe a little later depending on when it’s released) so if you fancy catching up with my playthrough of the first two episodes first, then look no further than the playlist below.


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  • Ooh this is cool. I’d actually kinda forgotten this game existed but now I’m excited for another level to play.

  • KRYTEN 2X4B-523P
    FILE SYSTEM – 3Mb Available : ROM v1.21

    Cloches / Documents / Downloads

    System / Trash

  • Because that says Mb and not MB that means he only has 375KB of storage space remaining.

    One more Jpeg of a Vax wet and dry vacuum cleaner with it’s bag showing and he’ll be full and blue screening daily.

  • One more Jpeg of a Vax wet and dry vacuum cleaner with it’s bag showing and he’ll be full and blue screening daily.

    Worth it? Totally.

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