Having thoroughly gorged ourselves on the meaty morsels provided by six brand new episodes of our favourite show, G&T has been having a bit of a post-series nap for the last couple of weeks. But we’re awake now, refreshed, and with plans in place for a whole host of features throughout the coming months, while we wait patiently for the Series XII publicity machine to roar into action at some point in 2017. And as a new month dawns, there are enough tiny pieces of news to warrant this brief festive-flavoured roundup, so read on…

JUMPER? I HARDLY KNOW HER! – Following the enormous success of its initial launch, the Red Dwarf Shop has now been updated, with two new items of clothing available to buy. Firstly, there’s the Samsara skull t-shirt, featuring a beglowsticked skull, funnily enough. There’s no indication on the website that this glows in the dark, and if it doesn’t then that’s a bit of a missed opportunity. More excitingly, and indeed more expensively, a Christmas jumper! The design is amusing, with Santa hats and fairy lights added to the standard XI publicity shot, and cameos from Give & Take‘s two popular robotic guest stars. However, it’s a little disappointing that this is merely a Christmas-themed design on a standard polyester/cotton sweatshirt, rather than a Dwarfy twist on a more traditional woollen Christmas jumper. And it’s forty bloody quid. Still, if you order now, it might just be delivered in time for Christmas 2017.

BOBBLEBOX – Robert Llewellyn and Craig Charles are two of the stars appearing in GOLD’s We Have Been Watching Christmas special. The show, which is definitely not a rip-off of Gogglebox, features celebrities being filmed watching and reacting to various television moments. It actually aired last night, and I was expecting to provide a link to everyone’s favourite catch-up service UKTV Play, but it seems that only shows from Dave, Really, Yesterday and Drama are featured on the platform. Because sure – put shows from one channel up a week before they’re broadcast, but don’t let people catch up on things they’ve missed from another channel. But still, this being GOLD, the show is being repeated pretty much every other day during December – see the box-out on the above link for the next screening.

G&T UPDATE ON G&T UPDATE – In non-Christmas news, GameDigits have tweeted to say that the Give & Take update will be released “this month”. This is admittedly a fairly large window, but considering that the App Store has a cut-off point for submissions ahead of the holidays, I’m guessing we’ll either see it in the next couple of weeks, or we’ll be waiting until the festive perineum – the period between Christmas Day and New Years Eve.

RUUD GULLIT SITTING ON A SHED – For no particular reason, other than it being an easy way to keep our social media platforms busy over the next twenty five days, we’ve launched a Ganymede & Titan Advent Calendar! Once a day between now and Christ’s birthday, we’ll be plucking out a “classic” feature from G&T’s vast archive – a voyage of discovery for those of you who arrived with the new episodes, and a trip down memory lane for the people who have been hanging round here for over a decade. So make sure you’re following us on either Twitter, Facebook or both in order to obtain your daily treat. Or: don’t.

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  • Or, alternatively, you could just leave me alone in a room with a computer for a full day and see what I manage to find on here to comment on thinking I’m funny.

  • This isn’t a swipe at Red Dwarf or UKTV or the people running the shop, rather merch in general, but why is this stuff so bloody expensive? £20 – £25 is pretty much the minimum for any sort of licensed attire now, I’m sure there’s a reason with something to do with economy of scale or something but I just can’t justify it anymore. I was going to buy a Mass Effect Andromeda t shirt a few weeks ago and that would have cost £34 to get to me with postage.

    Even if I won the bloody lottery I wouldn’t pay £40 for a poly cotton sweatshirt.

    Gives me a mega sad face.

  • Brilliant satire of the recent cross-media cock-ups, there, by tweeting the wrong link for the advent calendar article. Lesser minds would think you’d just made a mistake, but I see the subtle artistry at play.

  • Even if I won the bloody lottery I wouldn’t pay £40 for a poly cotton sweatshirt.
    Gives me a mega sad face.

    In a way we’re all Red Dwarf XII mugs.

    It’s nothing new though – remember that stupidly expensive jacket that used to be advertised at the back of the books?

  • Whuh? It was a link to the index for all the Xtended Revisited articles.

    … I’ve got gussets to scrub

  • I do. That was about £90 wasn’t it? In the early to mid 90’s. Trying to think back to how outrageous that was at the time, though to be fair they had proper embroidered backs and leather sleeves. They’d probably be well over £150 with today’s price structure.

  • remember that stupidly expensive jacket that used to be advertised at the back of the books?

    At DJ2002, my friend Louise and I followed an american guy all weekend admiring his stupidly expensive RD jacket (the version with the leather sleeves, too!).
    And at the end of the weekend, the american guy *gave* his jacket to Louise. GAVE.

    I was jealous as fuck.

  • So far, the advent calendar is 0-for-2 in finding me new content on this website, which is probably a statement about how I spend too much time on here. But we’ll see what comes up.

  • In other news, the recycled Doctor Who robot that appeared on Count Arthur Strong and was last seen in Can Of Worms, just turned up in Walliams & Friend. I’m getting sick of the sight of the bastard.

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