It’s been a little while since GameDigits treated us to the last content update for the Red Dwarf XI mobile game, but those of you desperately waiting to play the Officer Rimmer version of PAC-MAN need wait no longer as the next big update has rolled out onto Google Play and Apple App Store – also heralding a return to the launch price of $£1.99.

As has been mentioned in the game’s mega thread this update also brings with it a large collection of tweaks, re-balancing and new features that the older content can also take advantage of. Things such as…

  • Improved controls across all games
  • Added game-pad visual to match the touch controls
  • Rebalanced and added new content across all sub-games
  • Added option to continue with story, or just play a specific sub-game
  • Fixed issue with sections not appearing when walking backwards
  • Plus many more bug fixes and gameplay improvements

It all sounds rather lovely, and it does give plenty of reasons to re-vist the old episodes before diving onto the new Officer Rimmer content. Speaking of which, I’ll be recording my now traditional playthrough of the new episode at some point over the next few days, and depending on the impact of the other changes to the game in general I might even take the opportunity to finally record a full playthrough of Twentica shortly after if anyone even cares.

10 comments on “The Red Dwarf XI mobile game receives Rim-job

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  • Playing mobile games is not one of my hobbies but watching you playing games and listening to your words is one of my hobbies.

  • I finally managed to get through the first game, despite all those flashing lights nearly giving me a heart attack.
    I scare pretty easily, I guess.

  • Thank you MANI, and I’m glad the game didn’t end up giving you a seizure, si.

  • To be honest, the main reason why we make these updates are for the Jonathan Capps playthrough videos…

  • Don’t worry, the flashing lights weren’t really seizure inducing. They were just giving me a heart attack in that way that not being fast enough to play a game well does.

  • I’m greatly enjoying the game so far and Cappsy’s play-throughs are informative and funny.

    Come to think of it, I’d love to see more G&T content on YouTube as time goes on.

  • I still dont have a compatible phone so continue to rely upon your walk through videos to make me not feel like I’m missing out on some Extended dwarf universe fun,

  • Oh hell, I nearly completely forgot about this game. Not sure I even completed the last episode.
    It would help if there was a way to mute in game audio because most of the time I’m listening to other things on my phone, so end up not playing the game because it interferes with other audio.

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