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It has now been a full seven days since the start of The Official Red Dwarf Fan Club’s nineteenth convention, but the feeling of elation is yet to wear off, along with the taste of the booze and the total physical and mental exhaustion. To preserve the memories for years to come, as well as to fill in those who were unable to attend, a merry band of extremely tired people congregated in a hotel room on the Sunday night to record the traditional post-DJ DwarfCast.

Those people were Danny Stephenson and Ian Symes from G&T, Alex Newsome, Joey Newsome, Carrie Parsons, Shelley Smith and Jo Sharples from the Fan Club, DJ helpers Amy Foley, Kiran Parsons, Tom Pyott and Lauren Seamans, and DJ attendees Mark Bowen, Stephen R. Fletcher, Heledd Flower, Dan “Pendo” Pendleton and Jonathan “Jonsmad” Young. We tried to go through the weekend in chronological order, but it soon descended into a hotch-potch of such diverse topics as pink helmets, giant bazookoids, confused firemen, Michael McGruder, six degrees of separation, four-way coffee lounge cocks, Morris dancing, signed babies, gay rays, the quizzing skills of Seb Patrick and a definitive answer as to the future of Red Dwarf. Only one of those is a lie.

DwarfCast 87 – Dimension Jump XIX Special (74.1MB)

A sincere thank you to all of our wonderful guests, who stayed up late at the end of a very long weekend to help us out. It truly was a magical weekend, well worth the stress and the hard work that goes into it. I’m only a small part of the team for the duration of the event, so I feel distant enough to extend the warmest of congratulations and the heartiest of thank yous to the Fan Club team – Alex, Cappsy, Carrie, Danny, James, Jez, Jo, Joey, Mick, Prue and Shelley – for all the incredible effort you go to, all year round, to make Dimension Jump the success it is.

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  • To attempt to defend my honour slightly: I think it would be fairer to say the contestants did really well, than to say I did really badly. Although I will never live down that first question in the final round.

  • Four Way Coffee Lounge Cock happens to be the fourth Coffee Lounge Cock. It’s like the franchise went for a Fast & Furious style pun for the fourth outing. #coffeeloungecock

  • Dwarfcast my mind back to those top times, What a great weekender it was, this Easter weekend is a hollow chocolate egg at best compared to the packed three days in Nottingham. So wish i could rewind time and live it all again.

    That thing about the big gun, when you are in a room nearly 400 people deep, those people looking the further you get away from the stage notice more what you are holding without noticing any scale issue, so it actually helped the audience further back.

  • One of my dreams is to go have a hell of a time at DJ. The problem is I’m 21 and live in America, and any quantities of money I happen to accumulate with which I could pay for the trip have to go to shit like my continued education. Boo. Red Dwarf is better.

  • Annoyingly, I couldn’t quite justify the 10,000 mile round trip to Nottingham, but it sounds like you all had a great weekend. Hats off to all the organisers, and a particular thumbs up to Danny/Mick/Jez et al for the animation/video/design elements, it all looks amazing.

    The giant bazookoid story is hilarious. I actually didn’t realise when I saw the photo at first, I just assumed everyone there was really small. It’s a lovely piece of work regardless.

  • particular thumbs up to Danny/Mick/Jez et al for the animation/video/design elements, it all looks amazing.

    …Fiver’s in the post.

    The giant bazookoid story is hilarious..

    44.76% more FUCK OFF EVERYONE

  • Damn, I wish I had joined you guys for the Podcast, I was there until Monday! Still, it was great meeting everyone over the weekend! Wish there was more time to chat with you, Seb!

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