Hi. Remember us? We’re the people that inundate you with news, reviews and podcasts every time there’s new episodes of Red Dwarf, and then we tire ourselves out and have a little sleep in between series. We’ve been patiently waiting for the Series XII publicity juggernaut to trundle into view and snap us out of it, and that glorious day has finally arrived. Look, there’s a new logo and everything!

Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed a striking similarity to the previous logo. They hosed it down and gave it an I. But this is of course absolutely fine – with the latest two series being made back-to-back, they’ll share a similar aesthetic, so it’s only appropriate that this consistency is reflected in the graphics. Incidentally, when the logo was posted to Facebook, it came with the unsurprising confirmation that the series will air in “Autumn”. Whether this is Smegtember, Smegtober or perhaps even Smegvember remains to be seen.

Meanwhile on TOS, there’s news that, as per Series XI, the first episode of XII will get a preview screening in Scotland’s fashionable Edinburgh. That will be attended by Messers Naylor, Charles and Llewellyn, and will be fucking expensive unless there’s a similar event-specific ticketing scheme to last year. The article notes that this first episode is yet to be officially named – although it might well be Here No Evil if the steelbook clusterfuck is anything to go by – and that the series will “land on Dave and UKTV Play in the normal way”. We’re guessing that “normal” means “like last time”, ie with the episodes premiering online a week in advance of their TV broadcast. Considering the commercial success of this approach, it would make sense for them to repeat this strategy, despite the detrimental effect it has on the fan community. Ah well. We’re fighting a losing battle here, so we’ll concentrate on making the best out of it, and try to make improvements to our coverage to compensate.

And finally, there remains one small matter from Red Dwarf XI to settle – the final two levels of The Game. On that topic, Ian GameDigits has tweeted that “exciting” news will be “revealed soon”. It’s now been over three months since the last episode – our resident games correspondent has had a baby in the meantime – so they’re going to have to pick up the pace if they want to reach Can of Worms before XII starts. Whether we’ll be getting an equivalent game for the new series remains to be seen, but our fingers remain crossed.

Ah, this feels good. We promise not to be as shit in the second half of 2017 as we were in the first. Brand new Red Dwarf is coming back, and so are we…

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  • Is it that time of year again? Feels like only a few months ago we were watching Twentica and despairing at the US Election and doing the Macarena.

  • Was very happy to see this pop up on Facebook this morning.

    This year I’ve decided I’ll be giving most of the discussion on here a somewhat wide berth. Although I heartily enjoyed all of the Dwarfcasts, threads and in-depth analysis here, it did have the side effect that once it came to rewatching the episodes, most of the jokes and plot points had been discussed so much and burned into my brain that there were no surprises. Difficult to watch an episode for the second time and not laugh at the jokes because they already seem so over-familiar.

    Similarly, XI was the first time I knew what each episode was going to be about (roughly) before watching, and that took away some of the surprise. I was only a lurker for X, but I avoided the site during broadcast and thus had no expectations and managed to watch it all much in the way I did in the ’90s, surprises intact.

    It’s all nicely timed though. Doctor Who has just finished, Game of Thrones is just about to start, and this is most likely to follow a couple of weeks after Twin Peaks finishes. And not long after it’s done, Stranger Things will be returning. I must remember to write a letter to the TV networks for this considerate timing.

  • They better have gotten rid of that awful canned laughter this time round…

  • I hope they whip up a new logo variation for sister series XIII & XIV when they come around. I really like the idea of each new pair of series having a unique logo to identify it.

    But then I’d be just fine with the continued use of this one to signify the true new era of Red Dwarf beginning with XI.

  • All I know is new episodes will bring more people spamming social media fan groups with the SMEG toaster day in and day out, convinced they’re the first ones to discover it.

  • I wonder if, because this is potentially the last series ever, I should try to forgo keeping up with every single detail that comes out so I can watch the episodes as blind as possible.

    But on the other hand, the build-up to a new series is extremely fun, and if this is the last series ever I’d be missing out on that if I tried to go in blind. And I still really enjoyed watching XI for the first time without going in blind.


    Is there any way I can keep up with all the details except for the big finale?

  • KyoSo:
    I had a similar dilemma in the runup to Persona 5, a video game I was strongly anticipating. I ended up unsubscribing from a few Facebook groups just in case they (or their followers) posted spoilers. Now I have the game, and love it, and finished it, so I joined up with those groups again. It sucked to be out of the hype loop, but I do think my experience of the game was stronger for being fresh.

    Having said that, G+T did an awesome job keeping spoilers to an absolute minimum for XI. I read everything that gets posted here (forum included) and felt like nothing of any value was spoiled at any point. I know folks involved with the show leaked episode descriptions and set photos and so on, which the site then covered, but those things don’t really bother me. (And I’m pretty sure they clearly marked those articles, anyway.)

    So…maybe unsubscribe from the Facebook groups but keep visiting this site? Any lack of hype around these parts was my own, due to my disappointment with Back to Earth and X. I was still able to feel the excitement bubbling, which was fun, and went into each episode knowing very, very little.

    Just a thought.

  • Yeah, I feel like G&T and Gazpacho Soup are a safe bet for places to visit without spoiling anything badly. And those episode synopses never give away anywhere close to as much as they feel like they do. I would’ve liked that Holly thing to remain a secret, but oh well.

    Still, nothing will be as much fun as the hype for Back to Earth was.

  • I would’ve liked that Holly thing to remain a secret, but oh well..

    for cloister’s sake you guys! ok, see you in smegtember

  • I know the synopses were, in some cases, vague to the point of misleading, but I kind of wish I’d been able to watch Twentica without even knowing about them going back to America, or go into Can of Worms not even knowing they’d find a female cat. The element of surprise would be brilliant. Obviously there’s a certain episode of XII that has a certain plot element been completely spoiled by the cast in several interviews, and the set report of what will probably be Star Knot gives a good idea of the kind of episode it will be. But otherwise I’m looking forward to having absolutely no idea what’s coming when I press play on the UKTV player each week. I never used to check Radio Times listings when I was a kid, so all of VI, VII and VIII were completely new on watching, as were repeat runs of IV and V. The act of diving into the unknown each week was really exciting.

  • I spoiled Back to Earth pretty grotesquely for myself, but to be fair they did have a pretty insane amount of episode 1 viewable before airing. I’d rather XII reveal as little actual footage as possible beyond the trailer.

  • Will spoiler-phobes be avoiding the opening credits montage each week too? That was what gave away the Polymorph episode for me in XI.

  • Yeah, shame that the major secret has been revealed. Can’t say I’m particularly pleased about it, either.

    I didn’t guess about the Polymorph in Can of Worms, and while I’m not sure revisiting that idea was particularly imaginative, I like the way it was revealed pretty early into the episode and that it wasn’t really about that “twist”.

    >I spoiled Back to Earth pretty grotesquely for myself

    Me too. I foolishly watched Back to Reality 17 years earlier.

  • I genuinely didn’t twig it was a Back To Reality sequel right until the reveal. Even though the title is the world’s biggest clue.

    With all the sequels, semi-sequels, and spiritual sequels in the Dave era so far, what’s actually left to revisit? A decent Gunmen sequel is definitely possible, and I’d love a Parallel Universe 2 if not just for a good excuse to get Hattie back.

  • I’d like to see a Polymorph IV as proof that a Polymorph sequel can actually be done well. In fact, let’s have XII just be Polymorphs number IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, and Back to Earth.

    Wait, what?

  • I’d also like to see a sequel to “The End” where the entire crew of Red Dwarf gets wiped out again. I’m sure the show could continue to be excellent after this episode. Just Rimmer, Kryten maybe, and Holly. Now THAT’S classic Dwarf right there.

  • If the boys were playing Cards Against Hu-Mine-Ity, would that be a sequel to Balance of Power because it uses black and white cards?

  • With all the sequels, semi-sequels, and spiritual sequels in the Dave era so far, what’s actually left to revisit? A decent Gunmen sequel is definitely possible, and I’d love a Parallel Universe 2 if not just for a good excuse to get Hattie back.

    “Past Echoes”

  • From everything we officially know about “Star Knot”, that’s genuinely what I’ve been referring to it as…!

  • Oh, and don’t get me started on how much we actually need a followup to Dear Dave. Were there kids from the dispensing machine? Was Lister satisfied? Did he involve any other machines later on? Dwarf will never truly be the same untul we find out.

  • Would it be unfair to say that holding XII back a whole 12 months rather than putting it on this Spring, whilst a good idea on paper, hasn’t really worked? All the existing momentum and buzz and PR success of XI has evaporated in the meantime. I did mention last year how I feared XII might be a harder sell and there’s some truth to that.

    Dave’s current big hit Taskmaster has become a success precisely through keeping more of a momentum going – smaller gaps between series, next series already teased at the end of the last etc. Unless you’ve got a Game Of Thrones-sized marketing budget you can’t really keep all the plates spinning over a year of downtime and I hope there isn’t a big dent in terms of public interest. Since VII every Dwarf launch (Red Dwarf Night included) has been a major breakthrough ‘event’. What will the angle be for XII though?

  • Maybe the publicity machine will start to get going now. There’s a four page article about the set in the new issue of SFX this week.

  • I dunno, it doesn’t harm other comedy shows, does it?

    These days in any genre you need to be a reliable constant or an event, and XII doesn’t really qualify as either. The marketing of XI was deliberately quite zeitgeisty and emphasised the long gap since X, and the ‘bigger and better’ production, but you can’t really do that again for more of the same 46 weeks later. It also crashes the anniversary build-up in a strange way – maybe even they should have held it back even longer? Could have legitimately made it an ‘event’ then…

    I’m sure it’ll be fine, and it’s not my job to worry about it, but the nature of the existence of XII is so damn *strange* as it is… what the hell do you do with it?

  • Well, Series XII was always going to be a difficult sell. Not since 1993 have we had two new series in as many years, and the ’93 series was a full eighteen months after the previous one. So regularly scheduled Dwarf like this is a real rarity. I think they took the best option – airing this series in the Spring would have been splurging the whole lot when we don’t know when or even if we’re going to get any more, airing it later than this just for the sake of the promotion would’ve been daft.

  • Everything will be fiiiiiiine! Don’t fret.

    I wouldn’t say there’s anything difficult about selling a series 12 months after the previous one. All most people need to know is ‘more Red Dwarf’ to which they’ll mentally respond ‘yes please’ and tune in. Say 2 million tune in for the new series; just how many of those will give shit one about its production? You’d be lucky if even 100,000 knew XI and XII were shot consecutively, or that the sets were different from X etc. Most viewers would tune in regardless of marketing momentum. As long as there’s ENOUGH marketing to make them aware the series is happening, that’s all you need.

  • I’m glad they had a year between, for me personally it’s been a nice palette cleanser, the final 2 and a half episodes of XI really left a bad taste in my mouth, so even though I know it’s basically a huge 12 ep series and whatever gripes I have with XI will likely appear in XII, I’m able to enjoy the exciting build up again which will hopefully put me back in a Dwarfy mood ready for XII.

  • …so what’s up with the delay? They’re being very reluctant to put very much out at all, and seem to be saying there’s no way we’ll get September.

  • Yeah I can’t figure out what is happening with that Rimmer image. Old school uniform and H, but it’s clearly not meant to be a flashback since Chris Barrie is way too old to pull that off and he also has an officers label. Hmm.

  • Yeah I can’t figure out what is happening with that Rimmer image. Old school uniform and H, but it’s clearly not meant to be a flashback since Chris Barrie is way too old to pull that off and he also has an officers label. Hmm.

    I believe it is possible to work out which recording this is from, but only if you happened to look at the spoilery images posted on the forum a few months back.

  • What I find very interesting: Retro Rimmer and Future Echoes Lister are both from different episodes…

  • I know fans will eat up the retro rimmer image but for me it looks like something that could easily collapse under its own nostalgic weight.

    I ain’t sold on it personally, but then i been burnt alot by series 8 and BTE.

  • I’m happy to go along with the set reports which have said things like “it directly references something from the past, but in a way which really adds to the episode rather than pointless continuity”

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