Preview of a preview

Well, this is unexpected!

At the time of writing we’re not sure what exact shape this preview will take, but this level of teasing would suggest it is not insignificant. Whatever it is we have to wait until it turns up during one of the ad breaks around tonight’s Taskmaster. It does seem a little odd that we’re getting a presumably significant bit of publicity debuted on a weekday night and not in the traditional Friday slot, but I guess UKTV are still figuring out how to debut things effectively.

Please do use this post to share your thoughts on whatever we end up with, and we’ll possibly be back with further coverage of it if we deem it WORTHY.


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  1. I’ve only just started watching Taskmaster recently and am now caught up. It is a really great show. Would highly recommend it.

    It is all currently on UKTV Play (the last episode of Series 3 currently says “1 day left” but no other episode seems to have a limit).

  2. GODDAMMIT, I don’t get Sky until Monday! First world problems, I know, but I think I shall still have a big sulk.

    If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the angry dome.

  3. G&T Admin


  4. crikey, that new trailer was really something

    they also did the “boys from the dwarf” thing! hoorah

  5. That was lovely. Hope they put it on YouTube soon.

  6. Could this trailer, as yet to see it…be the main update this week on TOS?? as no sign of it online yet, as of time of writing.
    How long was the new trailer, was it another teaser or the main series trailer?

  7. I’d certainly call it a short trailer. Want to see it again now though!

  8. Is it the online teaser or a new trailer? what you searching for on YouTube, can’t see any new uploads?

  9. It’s in the library of that one guy who nicks all of that Red Dwarf stuff for his channel. That’s how I found it.

  10. That.

    has he got a name? searched Red Dwarf XII trailer, only seeing one TOS shared last week??

  11. >It’s in the library of that one guy who nicks all of that Red Dwarf stuff for his channel.

  12. It’s there, I’m not going to link to it for obvious legal reasons.

    Also…have they dubbed Danny “yeeow’-ing over Led Zeppelin?

    Because it really sounds like it.

  13. >has he got a name? searched Red Dwarf XII trailer, only seeing one TOS shared last week??>

    Search for “Red Dwarf XII teaser”, filter the search to the last hour.

  14. In terms of a trailer, it is a good one… Although the end gag didn’t really do it for me.

  15. Series 2 vibes for the ‘gas moon’. :D

    Yeah the fake look/bad compositing really reminds me of Series II (^:

    Decent trailer I guess – gives very little away while reminding people the show exists. The gag at the end wasn’t that strong but I’m sort of glad they didn’t spoil a better one.

  16. It’s on the official Red Dwarf Facebook page as well.

  17. Certainly different approach to the XI it

  18. I really like how the logo comes in at the end – hope that’s in the main credits.

  19. That ‘mop off’ or whatever you wanna call it, is already making me laugh. :D Over the past year I’ve gone from absolutely dreading ‘the everyone’s Kryten episode’ to really looking forward to Siliconia! :D

  20. Was going to say the same thing sd99.

    Yes very good trailer and much different to XIs which is nice!

  21. I liked the logo thing too.
    The rest was okay, as well.

  22. 0:01 Series II & II flyby
    0:06 Series III Starbug feel
    014 Series V

  23. 0:01 Series II & II flyby
    0:06 Series III Starbug feel
    0:14 Series IV style pump room location
    0.19 the crew felt a bit V and VI ish to me
    0.31 series II / (series VIII doing series II) planet stuff

    Most of all loved the machine that turns chris barrie into mech-rimmer. Even though this show has already turned a mech into a human with just a lighting effect, I kind of needed to know there was a reason/thingy that turns them all mech, a machine that looks like a hairdressing / containment dome is pefect, sold by the sheer look on his face of bemusement. Dam good trailer. So that teaser about a clean off, is the mechonoid battling with a mop. That boys from the dwarf thing works great in the trailer, and it is woven in nicely in the wider concept/use within the episode thats to come.

    Is this only the second time lister has done a mocking Rimmer salute.

    Nice touch the four colours versions of the logo matching the four character framing colours and then they go into the show logo.

    Using a version of: Led Zepplins – Imigrant Song there.

    I wonder if the editor is trying to copy Thor Ragnorok teaser trailer thats out at the moment.

    “Marvel-ous” (wipes hands and walks out trailer job done.)

  24. Ah, and for licencing reasons the online official trailer version doesn’t have a version of Immigrant song on it. It’s rock theme is similar paced, to drop out for the punchline. Better Red than Led.

  25. Looks good. Great Rimmer face in the boys from the Dwarf bit. Not sure about the logo thing.

  26. The logo thing and song choice are are homage to the Thor Rangnorok trailers and general theme. Doubt it’ll make it to the main titles.

    Hit and miss for me. Bond villain Rimmer looked cool but some iffy blue screen by the looks of it, and the Starbug launch was alright at best. Still, looking forward to it, the Norm gag from the last one was good too.

  27. Was thoroughly impressed with the trailer – it actually has me excited now (steady). Did anyone notice that Lister’s colander-guitar is painted in Legendary Guitar God Eddie Van Halen’s trademark Franken-Strat colours? I always thought Lister was more of Les Paul man (an authentic copy, no less) but it was a pretty cool nod.

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