I really don’t feel I should be bringing this to your attention, but here goes. Earlier today, the UKTV press office tweeted a picture of the latest issue of SciFiNow, which features an interview with the four main cast. I couldn’t find the magazine in any of the shops I passed on my way home, but just from opening up the picture in that tweet, I can see that the very first paragraph contains some pretty massive spoilers for the first episode.

Honestly, I was at the recording, and the two moments that Craig gives away were undoubtedly the biggest comedy moments of the episode. If an audience member had posted this online, they’d be lynched, but we’re reproducing it here because it’s been printed in a fucking nationally-distributed magazine, and UKTV’s act of tweeting about it implies that they’re happy to draw attention to it. I sincerely advise that you do not read this article any further. It would be much better to wait eight days and watch these jokes unfold before you, but if you’re morbidly impatient, were at the recording or the premiere, or are just a fucking idiot, read on.

This is the first paragraph of the SciFiNow article, in full:

One of the first things Craig Charles tells us about Red Dwarf XII when we sit down to chat with him, Chris Barrie, Danny John-Jules and Robert Llewellyn at Pinewood Studios is: “I get to play a duet on lead guitar and rhythm guitar with Adolf Hitler and I teach him how to do a selfie.” He’s referring to the first episode of the new series, which was filmed back-to-back with Series XI in 2015 for UKTV (Dave). It sees the crew come across a scientific research centre that appears to have found a cure for evil. Inside are figures from history, recreated in the present, and all seemingly cured.

So bravo to Craig Charles for instantly blabbing two huge shock reveals to a journalist. You can’t blame SciFiNow for publishing such a scoop, but it’s just a shame that this came out now, and not after Cured appears on UKTV Play next week.

Now that you’ve read it, please feel free to discuss this news in the comments on this post – but only on this post, please. Those that have chosen not to open this article should have the right to browse the rest of the site spoiler-free, so I’d be ever so grateful if we kept this dirty secret to ourselves.

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  • I hope Doug has thought to rebuff the Radio Times after they printed the entire fucking plot for no reason three times last year.

  • Fun fact: if Timeslides had swapped positions in the recording order with Backwards, then all three episodes featuring Hitler would have been the third to be recorded of their run.

  • It’s a bit shit this has happened, but to be honest I had already pieced together the first thing mentioned there from several clues which couldn’t have led to any other conclusion. I have been eagerly looking forward to said bit for a while and it’s not impeding my excitement nor do I think knowing about it will spoil it. I remember ‘Cat dances with Blue Midget in the next series’ being on a fansite aaaaages before it aired, and it didn’t spoil anything (insert own joke here).

    I’m finding myself a bit over spoiler culture lately to be honest. I appreciate this is not a majority view.

  • My will is weak, clearly – couldn’t resist having a look.

    Oh well, it’s hardly at the level of an entire script being published months before the episode aired. Inexplicably, even that didn’t ruin it for me.

  • My willy’s good, as Curk Nirvana used to sing.

    I didn’t read it so fuck you scifinow whatever you are.

  • I guessed one element of the three elements revealed by Craig. Reading Psirens before it was shown did slightly spoil the episode for me just because it made it feel a bit more stagey. I’m still impressed that not much leaked out of XII for 18 months.

  • I hope most people have avoided reading past the spoiler warning, as whilst the scene is genuinely hilarious (and extremely well produced – it was VT’d not done live so was pretty much broadcast-ready when we saw it), part of its appeal is its randomness and complete unexpectedness (only turning into ice-skating mongooses and dancing the Bolero would be less expected!). I kind of feel that if I was “waiting” for the scene, knowing it was in the episode, it might not have had quite the same impact.

    It also means there’s a risk that the scene gets prejudged – and if you go in expecting to hate it, I guess there’s a good chance you probably will. However, the fact that Ian has described it as the one of the best jokes here, and in the set reports it was described as a “show-stopper”, “musical comedy which contained one of the funniest images the show has ever created”, I hope reassures people that it is a visual gag that genuinely works.

  • So has anyone read the full article yet? i am reading at the moment

    Next page is the cast talking about a possible movie saying that if one was made they would like Ed Bye to direct it but they know how the fans didn’t like BTE because it didn’t have a laughter track and thats what a movie would be.

    Craig talks about the round of applause norman got when the audience see he was back.

    Craig says he visited Terry Pratchetts house for a weekend which it was amazing and they had a red dwarf quiz that he joined in on with Terrys wife and daughter

    Robert talks about meeting Idris Elba who was excited to meet kryten.

    Maybe one or two spoilers about certain episodes.

  • There are a few other things like the cast saying they are glad the skutters are back, that the channel want more Red Dwarf ect ect

  • And now the Radio Times has posted a picture of said duet…

    Really wasn’t expecting to see that, I was only having a quick peek at the schedules. A timely reminder to avoid that website for the next few weeks!

  • And now the Radio Times has posted a picture of said duet…

    Really wasn’t expecting to see that, I was only having a quick peek at the schedules. A timely reminder to avoid that website for the next few weeks!

    NB: The Radio Times picture reveals additional details about the episode.

  • The ****** **** where you’d expect to see a ******** is new. Also, the scene is clearly set in *******, which indicates the story may take an unexpected turn.

  • The write-up in today’s Radio Times names two more of the historical figures, but at least doesn’t feel the need to spoil the entire storyline like they did for several episodes last year.

  • No, good on them, they just thought completely breaking the embargo by publishing a photograph several days early was enough.

  • Only just read this article and comments after watching the episode. Haven’t I done well?

    Robert talks about meeting Idris Elba who was excited to meet kryten.

    That’s interesting. The Mirror printed that tale yesterday. I took a photo and Tweeted it, and it’s now got over 350 retweets and 920 likes.

  • Those were absolutely not the the biggest comedy moments of the episode, far from it. Lister doesn’t even teach Hitler how to take a selfie, it just happens. I’m glad I didn’t read this before watching the episode – hearing the word “selfie” in reference to Red Dwarf probably would have made me end myself

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