Hello there, Dave viewers. Actually, while we’ve got your attention, quick show of hands: if you’re a regular G&T reader and you’re watching Series XII at the broadcast pace, leave us a comment to tell us so. We want to cater for absolutely everyone, but it’d be good to know if Dave-paced discussion threads are catering for anyone.

Anyway, yes, today’s the day that Cured debuts on Dave at 9pm. Once you’ve finally seen it, you can catch up on what everybody else was saying about it last week, then you can spend a “pleasurable” hour and a half listening to our Live DwarfCast with special guest Clayton Hickman, marvel at our title sequence analysis, and either nod in agreement or throw knives at your screen as you read Cappsy’s review.

I’ll warn you though: at some point today, everyone’s going to start talking about The One Where Everyone’s Kryten, and we don’t yet know whether that will be before or after 9pm. I hope for your sake it’s after.

40 comments on “Let’s Talk About Cured (on Dave)

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  • Coming out of lurking because I really don’t want to cause any panic or alarm, but it does appear there’s a very tiny possibility that it may very well in all likelihood possibly be just me waiting to see the ‘Dwarf out on a Thursday 9pm as god intended.

    All the same I really seriously appreciate you guys acknowledging that *somehow* not every hardcore Dwarfer is watching it as soon as it’s available. It’s right there, it’s right bloody THERE to watch, and yet nothing can overcome the allure of waiting for that golden moment it arrives on the TV screen as t’were in the ’90s. Not even falling into several spoilers already, thanks internet (thinternet). I know you’ve really pushed the importance of a non-fractured fandom, and if only UKTV could understand these things we wouldn’t have this palaver.

    …. Oh feck, it is just me isn’t it? ALONE IN THE ABYSS. THE EVENTUALLY DWARFY SO IT’S NOT SO BAD ABYSS.

  • third as in the third show recorded or the third post or simply both?

    it’s my third suggestion isn’t it?

  • what number was Cured to be recorded?

    Other than moving Cured forward from show 3 to series opener, the remainder of XII is in recording order. As XI should have been.

  • third as in the third show recorded or the third post or simply both?

    it’s my third suggestion isn’t it?

    Why did you combine three suggestions into thirds?

    Why did I change my username so that I could make a joke about posting on the third layer of a set of comments by three users all with three in their names about combining three separate suggestions into thirds, which in itself is pretty much a combining of three things into one?

  • Good news: someone with 428k followers on twitter just tweeted to say how much they enjoyed Cured.
    Bad news: it was Dapper Laughs.

  • Very interesting extended trailer for RD 12 just appeared in ad break for Zapped – it was on in background as left Dave on whilst browsing on my tablet. Cured was much better for me 2nd time around. Watched it last Friday downloaded from SKY. Last week thought it was the worst epi of the Dave era which was an achievement after Can of Worms but it’s gone up in my estimation. More drama than comedy, more smiles than laughs but enjoyed it.

  • The hitler/bunker gag with Cat is top dog.

    Apparently the original song idea for the guitar solo was Africa by Toto. Nope neither do I.

  • I laughed more while sat comfy, watching it on the telly, than I did hunched over the laptop with my earphones on.
    Which is nice.

  • Interesting that Lister’s “Have you lost your mind?” to headless Kryten gets nothing from the audience.

    Edit: Although, on set was it just Robert Llewellyn wearing a greenscreen balaclava in front of them so it technically wasn’t a joke at the time?

  • mccgruder not the only one 1990s live action role playing. guess i’ll wait another 5 weeks and then binge the dwarfcasts then

  • Had to delete a couple of comments – one from Plastic Percy, and one quoting it from Dave Wallace – due to UKTV Play-paced spoilers appearing in a Dave-paced thread. Please be more careful in future.

  • What do you reckon then – should we bother to continue with the Dave threads? Is there any advance on one person it’s catering for?

  • It’s an interesting place if everybody wanted a chance to watch and discuss the episodes all at the exact same time and have big group realizations at the same point in the broadcast. Which we should try on Thursday.

  • >Which we should try on Thursday.
    The problem with instigating that is that most of the posters will have already seen the episode and are liable to ruin stuff minutes (rather than days) in advance for the small number of members/ lurkers who are on Dave-pace. And I’m not sure people should be posting here *as* they’re watching the episode for the first time.

    I’m guessing the only justification is allowing Dave-pace watchers the chance to have a nice clean thread of their own, rather than wading through 200 posts that have been there for 6 days. Since everyone is watching UKTV pace at slightly different times, that’s not restricted to just them though.

    Maybe keep the posts and the nice banner – but disable comments and have a handy link to the other thread with a polite notice that they head there and throw in their tuppence worth when they’re ready?

  • What do you reckon then – should we bother to continue with the Dave threads? Is there any advance on one person it’s catering for?

    Dollar Pound said they’re Dave pace as well. So that’s two people. Who didn’t technically “Talk about Cured” in their posts …

  • Let’s talk about on uktv play will pretty much automatically be the only discussion place anyways. Either we start using the dave threads for everybody who’s already watched it to watch it together or there’s not much point.

  • Maybe putting up a “talking points” post (as with series XI) would be a good replacement? Although it probably wouldn’t make much sense to do that after the full review has gone up.

    Perhaps a discussion thread on the UKTV Play release date, a ‘talking points’ a few days after, and the review posted on the night of Dave broadcast? Would that work?

  • That definitely won’t be happening – we don’t have the time or resources to create any more content than we’re currently doing, and the reason we dropped Talking Points, other than changing the pace of the DwarfCasts, was that it was too much of a strain last time.

    Obviously these Let’s Talk About posts don’t take up too much time, but the fact is that nobody *is* talking about the episode here! We’ll make a decision tonight – I’ll let you all know what we decide.

  • Ah, sorry. Hope that didn’t seem thoughtless and ungrateful. I really appreciate you all doing so much as it is.

  • No need to apologise! That’s twice in this thread where I’ve made you feel like you were being told off when you did nothing wrong.

  • To be honest, I didn’t think anyone was interested in my lowly opinion* given at the time of premiere last week it appeared to be LITERALLY just me (Hallelujah for you, Dollar Pound, for upping our minority *doffs hat*). I was just speaking out in the hope it would bring other wastrels out of hiding.

    I understand if it makes things easier just doing away with these threads. Again, at least we were acknowledged! Last year I voted for the complete opposite (discussion entirely at Dave pace, then EVERYBODY waits one way or another) because I’m a monster, and even then knew things were never going to pan out that way. Very much doubt everyone’s flocking here to read two opinions. It would just be really nice if UKTV hadn’t made a decision that weirdly penalises (I said penalises) part of a fandom for wanting to watch the traditional way.

    * A wonderful concept, if a bit light on the woofers. Adrian Lukis! Hitler worryingly enjoyable, doesn’t look a thing like him, ohthey’vecoveredthat. Jamming session funnier on paper than execution. Pacing a little off, it’s like this episode needs double runtime to give everything breathing space. Stalin underused. “It’s because I’m Hitler, isn’t it?” bloody marvellous line. Why aren’t they selling a Lister replica jacket yet? Rimmer clearly no longer into Facist Dictator Monthly.

  • Bless you, McGruder. I think we’re going to give it one more go for Siliconia, but on the basis that unless it seems to be fulfulling a real purpose, that’ll be it.

  • Something that only just occurred to me after watching Cured for the third time: when he’s ‘buried alive’, Rimmer is not visible in the dark, despite being made of light.

  • That’s a side effect of television not being real and Rimmer being played by an actor called Chris Barrie

  • Something that only just occurred to me after watching Cured for the third time: when he’s ‘buried alive’, Rimmer is not visible in the dark, despite being made of light.

    That is the first time Rimmer has ever gotten dimmer in the dark.

  • I don’t mind him getting dimmer in the dark as you can rationalise it as the projection compensating for conditions to appear more realistic. But if Rimmer is made of light, then to exist at all, there must be some light there. So can it be possible for him to exist but be unseen, in pitch darkness?

  • If Rimmer gets dimmer in the dark since he carked, I remark (for a lark), would a spark make its mark if the chance got slimmer for Rimmer to glimmer (and not get dimmer) in the dark since he carked? Or *would* Rimmer get dimmer (and fail to shimmer) in the dark since he carked?

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