This one’s been floating around for a while but it’s remained on the fringe of our spoiler policy until UKTV started drawing direct attention to it. As it looks like they’re leaning into this as part of theĀ Cured promotion we couldn’t rightly ignore it much longer. However, as a last stand to demonstrate our opinion that this is a reveal that we firmly believe should NOT be part of the pre-broadcast promotion and that we would’ve preferred was kept as a surprise on the night, we will keep everything after the jump…

Hitler’s in Cured and Lister has a guitar duel with him.

Not only that but he will be played by Ryan Gage, an actor that’s been in real films and everything! Other than that, we’re so close to launch at this point that we’ll save any deeper thoughts and opinions until we’ve actually seen the episode. Also I’m tired and everyone else is either busy or on holiday.

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  • I also realise that keeping the picture after the jump will be pretty meaningless when this is syndicated to Facebook or in any other feeds, but oh well.

  • The picture seems to take place in Starbug’s main deck, which we didn’t glimpse at all in XI (only briefly seeing the upper deck in “Can of Worms”).

  • Damn. Blindly clicked on the link under Recent Comments (not in the habit of reading magazines, or watching Dave, tbh). I think I can wait a couple of days before voicing an opinion.

  • I was definitely expecting Nice Hitler to show up, so I don’t feel too spoiled. I absolutely love the smiley-face arm band, that’s a wonderful visual.

    Actually…that’s too good a gag to spoil. I would’ve preferred to wait. Oh well, I still feel like I know a lot less about Cured than I did about Trojan (and especially Back to Earth) before that aired.

  • This might have been made public but some of us are still trying to avoid spoilers! Couldn’t you have put a warning instead of that unmissable photo on your Facebook feed ??? Less than 2 days away as well FFS! ????

  • It seems XII is the biggest series ever for guest stars!!

    Btw this looks horrible but I hope it’s funny. :) and………..can we just not, ever, not even for one second, talk about any controversy that may or may not arise over this character’s inclusion?? I hope to god it just goes over everyone’s heads and no-one takes it seriously…

  • It’s unfortunate that some people first saw this via the image that was automatically included in our tweet and automated Facebook post, and yes, in an ideal world this would have been a surprise that was held back until the episode was released, as both I and Cappsy are on the record as having said before. But given that this news has been included in every major listings publication, and tweeted by UKTV, Doug and Linda Glover, as well as the actor in question, you can’t really blame us for this being out there. As Cappsy intimated, our policy is to prevent spoilers that come to light through unofficial means, but if something is put out there by the show’s various press teams, we’ll report on it. This is stuff that the production and/or channel wants us to know.

  • I actually didn’t realise Twitter has parsed the image like that. It didn’t know like that for me in TweetDeck.

    But in reality anyone who doesn’t view social media will remain unspoiled on this site, and anyone who is on social media will almost certainly have seen it through numerous officially linked channels, as Ian mentioned. There’s no only so far we can go.

  • Yay, it’s my friend Ryan! w00p!

    He was my friend at school.

    And I was Mollie Sugden’s bridesmaid.

  • >But in reality anyone who doesn’t view social media will remain unspoiled on this site, and anyone who is on social media will almost certainly have seen it through numerous officially linked channels, as Ian mentioned. There’s no only so far we can go.

    Yeah, tbf, Robert tweeted the pic about 20 minutes later. We’re good.

  • Given the clever way Samsara dealt with the subjectiveness of morality, I’m excited for the idea of Cured expanding on that theme.

    Also, Hitler is one of the few historical figures that basically everyone can agree was completely and utterly evil. He’s kind of the ideal choice for a test subject in an episode about the concept of “curing” evil.

  • I’m not sure if it was intentional or not, but there is a big image of Hitler at the top of the front page now, as the thumbnail for the new DwarfCast.

    (I’m guessing though that even those hoping to make it through to the actual broadcast without spoilers will probably have stumbled across this one by now.)

  • The Hitler pictures were being circulated before it even hit UKTVPlay. Putting it as a thumbnail a few days after the show was released seems reasonable to me.

    I think the only way to stay spoiler free until TV broadcast is to just unplug the internet and not talk to anyone.

  • Yeah, I wouldn’t have put Hitler in the thumbnail if he wasn’t already all over the place. When he’s on the front page of, there’s no longer any point keeping him off the front page here!

  • Fair enough! At least we know we can now discuss our love of Hitler freely throughout the site. So to speak.

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