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In what is possibly a first for G&T, a consensus has been formed regarding the quality of a new episode, and it’s not negative. To document this momentous occasion, 80% of the team – namely Jonathan Capps, John Hoare, Tanya Jones and Ian Symes – congregated to explain exactly how this has come about, along with our excellent guests Jo Sharples and Shelley Smith, both of the Official Red Dwarf Fan Club.

Join us for noticeably jollier than average discussion about all thingsĀ M-Corp, including perception filters, word counts, virtual worlds, puppetry, birthday presents, startup sounds, vibrators, radio jingles, and whether or not cats wank. We also round up Richard Naylor’s revelations on Mechocracy, find ourselves once again pondering the possibility of a Red Dwarf Movie, and look ahead to what appears to be a jam-packed series finale.

DwarfCast 94 – Live M-Corp Instant Reaction (87.6MB)

Once again, our heartfelt thanks to everyone who listened live and chatted along on Spreaker. You won’t want to miss next week’s final live DwarfCast of the year, for which we’re hoping to throw in one or two surprises. Join us for that on Friday 10th November at 9pm, and in the meantime, look out for John’s in-depth written review of M-Corp, which will be along in the next few days.

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  • Re: the audience reaction to the last scene. According to the set reports, that bit wasn’t done in front of an audience on the night (they didn’t have time to do the costume change so they did it once without it for audience’s benefit). I presume either the reaction to this is completely fake, or they’ve somehow taken the audience reaction from the version they did on the night and pasted it onto the version they picked up later.

  • Thank you for my shout out for guessing the intro music two times. I doubt I’ll make it three but I would love to join you for the 30th anniversary Dwarfcast if you are having Skype guests. I live in Texas now so I have to find non VPN ways of watching the episodes before they appear on Britbox. I’ve seen M-Corp once thanks to my sister on Skype and I may get a chance to watch it again today through my friend who I met at DJ97. This was an especially joyous Dwarfcast and hopefully next week it will be even more so.

  • Gahh I might not be able to listen live next week because of stupid work. Prediction for intro song: Skip to the Good Bit by Rizzle Kicks. And let’s hope there’ll be no need for skipping to the good bits while watching the episode, because the good bit is the whole thing!

    I’m saying I want it to be good.

  • Just saw a uktvplay advert on facebook. Had lister escaping from ropes. by kicking off and catching his boot. I think it was from the scene in cured but not in the episode?

  • I’m glad to see people seemed to really like Kryten buying the virus, because it kept the review very positive all around.

    I, however, had a “Huh?!” moment on first viewing. That came across as an exceptionally cheap and nonsensical resolution to that plot strand, something I’m only able to forgive because it’s not the actual ending (which was brilliant).

    Again, it’s that one sticking point that keeps you from being able to say “I absolutely loved that episode in every way”. Like the ending of Officer Rimmer, or (for me) Cat’s history lesson from Samara. That one unfortunate sticking point that drags down an otherwise incredibly solid episode.

    Why isn’t Red Dwarf allowed to just run 35 minutes when it needs to? That would do so much good for episodes like M-Corp.

  • Presumably the actual people who run M-Corp have been dead for millions of years, and all that’s left of the company is just an automated system, similar to the onboard JMC computer mentioned in eps like “Dear Dave”. Perhaps there would be some kind of manual override or system check that was carried out by human staff, either to stop them from buying the virus or to remove it from the system.

    Aniter is not unlike Pree – she may not have evil intentions, she’s simply executing the task she was designed to do, which is to get people to buy M-Corp’s stuff. If Kryten wants to buy a means of shutting her down, then she’s perfectly happy to do so. There’d just need to be some kind of safeguard to stop people from buying that sort of thing, and by the time Lister and the crew arrive at M-Corp, all the people hired to do that are long since dead.

  • or just a little more of the feeling of “oh bollocks the crew are in trouble here”. you don’t really feel the peril at all in M-Corp.

    in Siliconia you feel like the crew are in a genuinely dangerous situation

  • I have to say the thumbnail keeps catching my attention. They really did that ‘old’ make-up exceedingly well.

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