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It’s the final live DwarfCast of the series, and this very special occasion is marked with an almost full set of G&Ters gathering in the same room at the same time. John Hoare, Tanya Jones, Danny Stephenson and Ian Symes, along with returning guest star Jo Sharples of theĀ Red Dwarf Fan Club, came armed a whole heap of opinions on the series finale, and a few surprises up our sleeves, the most exciting of which is an exclusive interview with…

Mac McDonald! So join us to discuss all things Skipper, including giant rats, disembodied heads, bicycle gags, back references, star knots, escape pod windows, the returning Holly, the non-returning Holly and Captain Hollister’s gruesome death. Plus, we look back on the series as a whole, look forward to the forthcoming DVD/Bluray release, and say Ed Bye in the only way we know how, by finishing on a song.

DwarfCast 95 – Live Skipper Instant Reaction (90.1MB)

Thank you so much to everyone who’s listened live and chatted along on Spreaker this series. It’s been so much fun these last six weeks, and we feel bereft now that it’s all over for the timebeing. But still, our XII coverage will continue with our in-depth written review of Skipper in the next few days, followed by the full-length unedited Mac McDonald interview, which will be released on Thursday night after Skipper has aired on Dave.

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  • Thanks so much to all at G&T for all the coverage of the last 2 years. My life has been in insanely crazy flux for all this time but this site has been a reassuring constant. Cheers, everyone.

  • That was great, guys and gals! I just caught up with it all at 2am. The last few years have been a fantastic journey. Sullied only by Can of Worms and Timewave, sadly, but even the podcasts managed to eke entertainment value out of them!

  • Yes, it’s a great job I have no friends or social life to speak of, otherwise Friday nights for the past six weeks would have been a lot less exciting.
    Also very thoughtful of you to wait til Only Connect has finished before starting the main ‘cast.

  • the G&T live dwarfcasts really made watching XII a lot more fun to be honest. listening to the discussions and “small points” and typing along with everyone in the chat was very enjoyable.

    so thanks for that, it was really nice

  • With the talk of Hattie i don’t think Doug wants to bring Hatte back, i have never got the sense Doug was as keen on Hattie as he is Norman.

  • If the episode was longer or restructured around it, I’d welcome Hattie in Skipper, but as it is I still feel like it would have been one too many big “wahey” moments from the audience. We already have one Holly reveal, another one would feel a bit like “we got Hattie back as well just to be nice to her”. Bring her back in a story that serves her.

    Rather that than just wheeling out character after character like “hey remember Holly? Remember Hollister? Remember the bunk room? Remember the old model? Remember the OTHER model? Remember Kochanski? Remember Todhunter? Remember everybody’s dead Dave? Remember actually writing an episode of Red Dwarf, not Where Are They Now, Oh Here They Are?”

  • Particular congratulations to Ian and all at Broadcunting House. Another fantastic run and I have the DVD pre-ordered so I can be up to speed for the review. It is a day for both sadness and joy, but I’m looking forward to more fantastic coverage from G & T. Four eyes a jolly good fellow…

  • Great Dwarfcasting as always. It’s a shame Clayton Hickman couldn’t be on this one. You guys really must get him on again sometime, I thought he was brilliant on the Cured Dwarfcast.

  • Lovely frustrated John.

    Are you all in relationships with each other? The sizzling chemistry in these podcasts almost melts my iPhone.

  • Not all of us, but there’s a burgeoning community for Cappsy/Danny slash fiction.

    I wrote one, it’s called “Northern Exposure”

  • Thanks for an excellent string of ‘casts, folks! As frustrating as it’s been to wait for the Dave broadcast before engaging with the reactions, it just wouldn’t be a new series of Red Dwarf if I didn’t have these Dwarfcasts as companion pieces.

    Just to engage in the fun practice of nitpicking a nitpick, you said that Kryten saying “I’ve been trying to build a quantum skipper” and Lister saying “Best not to suck that wire” should have made the opposite happen, but that’s not how it works. You have to declare or strongly indicate a new decision – Kryten was recalling a decision he already made, and Lister was offering advice. Neither qualify.

    Of course, that raises the question of whether Cat decided to suck the wire. Maybe he initially chose not to suck it, and so accidentally did it, and then was trying to ignore Lister’s advice, and so accidentally followed it?

    It’s weird that what you say regarding your decision is what makes it happen, rather than what you actually decide. But I guess that would have been too impossible to work around.

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