Time keeps on Skippering

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I can’t quite believe it but tomorrow marks the end of Series XII for UKTV Play when it only seems like yesterday that Lister was playing a duet with Hitler. It will also be the first time in almost two years that there will be no new Red Dwarf waiting in the wings for us. This could very well be the end. Don’t fret, though, as for the final time this year we’ve been given a teaser clip for the forthcoming finale Skipper – and it’s a good ‘un.

While we’re aware of the basic premise of the episode, and the reason why it has the title it does, this scene does show off something a little different to that which is intriguing and immediately brought back a flood of memories long since cast out of my head since the recording. I’m very excited for this one. Stay tuned for our coverage of Skipper which will start the very instant that M-Corp is broadcast on Dave tomorrow.

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  1. After Skipper airs, I’ll see you all in hell and/or the DVD review and/or Series XIII and/or Series XIV.

    So really, I’ll just kind of be here as normal. Carry on.

  2. So as I said i really liked Series XX.

    Hey wait a minute what universe is…

    A white hole?

  3. Is it just me or is it kind of poignant that this is the last one after three years?

  4. So how long before people start posting asking about XIII? I mean, other from that they’ve already done it?//

  5. So when is XIII happening?

    (only joking!)

  6. Is it just me or is it kind of poignant that this is the last one after three years?

    Yeah when I saw this update I got a bit upset. M-Corp being great has made it worse.

  7. Compo: You’ll never get me on that bicycle!
    *cut to Compo on a bicycle*
    *audience pisses pants*

  8. What will be “XIII’s color”?

  9. What would Series XIII be like if it was made in 2009 instead of 2019?

  10. Ooh, ooh! I know how this episode ends! Lister writes “I love you Kochanski” in the sky using real stars, but it’s blown up before she gets a chance to see it.

  11. What would Series XIII be like if it was made in 2009 instead of 2019?


  12. … blunt knife!

  13. everything they do is being-


  14. For all of Back in the Red‘s faults, the edited footage gag is pretty amusing, and “cut off both his b…blunt knife” is timed and edited beautifully.

    The teaser, set reports and plot synopses mean I am quite ambivalent about tomorrow’s finale: on one hand, I can’t wait to see the episode, and if it comes even close to M-Corp or Mechocracy I will be happy; on the other, the fact that for the first time in 30 months we can’t factually say there is more Red Dwarf to come is quite sad.

    Any resemblances to Futurama episodes are well-received in my book. Nice to have another after the particularly Futurama-esque transitions from present to past and vice versa in Samsara.

  15. wait a minute, how can they go “up” to the Science Room if they’re already on A Deck?

  16. wait a minute, how can they go “up” to the Science Room if they’re already on A Deck?

    For the same reason people in the north say they’re going ‘up’ to London.

  17. I’ve been criticised in the past for saying the likes of “I went up to Huyton at the weekend” because it is below Bootle. Pedants.

  18. I would just criticise you for going to Huyton, tbh.

    While also approving of you leaving Bootle.

  19. G&T Admin

    I correct my wife (MMMMY WIFE) for saying “up to London” despite the fact we’re in the North.

  20. People where I’m from often say they’re “heading up” to “town” when they’re going to Glasgow, a city which is below us geographically.

  21. Every city is beneath us though. That is just how we roll.

  22. Last night I dreamed I watched Skipper, and was horrified that it didn’t get into the main plot until nearly 20 minutes in. Also it let you select RImmer’s dialogue with a menu and near the end it turned into The Simpsons (though still following the same plot).

    This may or may not be partially indicative of my current concerns of being underwhelmed, though I would argue a choose-your-own-adventure Red Dwarf where you control the story by choosing Rimmer’s reactions would be excellent.

    But having a dream about it period does reflect that I am actively hyped, something I haven’t really been since before Siliconia.

    Skipper better end up tugging at the same Rimmery heartstrings as his speech about wanting to be fish, but actually see it through as a true emotional journey. I mean, I also want to laugh, but if it really made me feel something I would still love it even if it was comedically underwhelming.

    P.S. I am clearly not related to John Hoare.

  23. I fucking love dreaming about finales of TV shows that are about to happen. It’s definitely happened to me with Doctor Who more than once.

  24. that i’m physically excited for Skipper feels new, i’ve not been this psyched up for an episode of Red Dwarf in AGES

  25. On the subject of dreams I dreamt I went to see The Last Jedi the other night. I remember it being rather depressing and gory but rather enjoyable. Luke had the persona of a drunken hobo and was using his force powers to his own selfish gain. Rey was oddly sidelined and much of it was dedicated to Luke’s relationship with Kylo Ren. However it got to a point where there was a massive plot twist. They stopped the film gave us the option to walk out for a few minutes to avoid spoilers – which makes absolutely no sense. Needless to say, I walked out. What a prick.

  26. I had a dream about the season finale of Doctor Who series 9, and by the time it got ’round to actually watching it it felt like I’d already seen it. I hadn’t, of course, as the finale wasn’t about Missy, the Daleks and the Cybermen, and didn’t star me and Jenna Coleman saving the day. Close, though.

  27. I had a dream about Jenna Coleman once. I don’t think it was about Doctor Who, mind.

  28. I had dreams once…

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